This is my cookcabulary

and the adventure begins

Well, hello cyber world.  I did it. I caved.  Years ago I would have never imagined myself sitting on my little ergonmic.knee.chair.bench.thing typing in my blog, but here I am.  When the idea of a blog first began festering in my little mind I thought, what the heck am I going to write about – and who is going to care?! Ha. Well, two things came to mind – my cat, and being in the kitchen. Now theres an idea! I admit, it’s not original, but I dont care.  I have no idea how often I will blog, how creative I will be, or if the recipes I make and then post on here will even be good – but where’s the adventure if I dont try? Besides, my cat is uber cool and posting pics of him will never get old.

And thats where we begin.  Meet the leading furball in my life – Kimoni.

Sleepy Kimoni

Oh my gosh, isnt he photogenic? He is my ultimate obsession, ask anyone. When my husband reads this, he will for sure be shaking his head at my first post being about Kimoni! Ha. So predictable I am. Our baking session today begins with Kimoni.  I’ve decided to bake some gluten-free cookies as my first blog.

*side note: my husband has an unknown “sickness”, it’s not Celiac, and its not Chron’s – but he eats a gluten-free diet.  So, naturally my baking/cooking is gluten free.  I dont know if you kids have tried the GF path, buts its ROUGH! Baking is not the same, it’s entirely different from normal baking with flour. Alot of my baking adventures start out as experiments, never knowing how the GF’ness of them is going to turn out. So, keep that in mind!*

While I have my eggs and butter  currently sitting on the counter, waiting to be room temperature, (the secret to my success) I thought it would be a perfect time to set-up my blog.  So, here I am – clicking and browsing, thinking of a ridiculous blog title,  and what happens? Kimoni. So typical.  I hear a loud crash of sorts downstairs. When I go to investigate, here is what I found.

spilled popcorn

That darn cat!! I knew he was up to no good earlier today when he was chasing that fly and ran into the sliding glass door.  My husband and I went to Penrod, an awesome art festival at the IMA here in Indianapolis, and the only thing we bought was popcorn and a smoothie.  Well, apparently Kimoni was jealous we didnt include him on such an outing and while trying to eat the popcorn, he pulled the bag off the table where I had placed it, and spilled it everywhere.  How do I know he was trying to eat the popcorn? Hes Kimoni … hes the cat that almost ruined our Memorial Day party by busting into the Costco hot dog bun bag … yea, he likes hot dog buns. It’s weird.  But, upon seeing this popcorn-bomb, i knew instantly this blog was going to be fun. Kimoni so wants to be the center of attention.  So there is the intro to my cat – now onto the food! Heres what were making today!

DSCF6547 I have all my ingredients, including my GF flours ready to go!


oh yea, I like to pretend that I’m an up and coming photographer.  I dont have a cool camera, it’s just a little Fuji-guy.  But play along with me.  You see, Im a commercial designer which leads me to be artsy/creative, and I have always had an interest in photography.  When I told my husband I wanted to start a food blog and needed a new camera, like a, he just told me to prove I was serious about it … aka, prove my talent. Ha.  He’s so great – always pushing me to be my best and denying me expensive items. :)

Anyway, I think my butter and egg is room temperature now. Time to bake! Woop woop!


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