This is my cookcabulary

Chocolate Cookies with Cream Filling

I’m back!  … and look.

chocolate cookie with cream filling


…i dont like ’em.

they taste like brown rice flour, like – alot. Humph.  As I said my friends, GF baking is always an experiment.  But, the cream filling is good. Ive decided if I like the recipe, I will post it, if I don’t I will continue to perfect it on my own but most likely not post it.

But on a good note, at least Kimoni got a good cat nap in while I was working hard with my icing knife.


he is so stinkin’ cute! 

 Since I didn’t like the cookies and I dont want to talk about them anymore, let’s talk about things you can expect from me and this blog, or just some general guidelines to my life:

  1. I get obsessed with certain things and get really hardcore about them.  Like right now, I am on week 9 of the Sexy Lean Workout!  Which means I am weighing out all my food to ensure proper portions and counting carbs, calories, and protein.  Also, I have a daily food log that I write everything my little taste buds encounter.
  2. I usually dont eat what I bake. Ok, like I’ll try it – obviously. To make sure its good. But most items I bake and then just give away.  The coworkers love when I do this (at least that is what I tell myself).  The is especially true with GF stuff.
  3. Number 2 doesnt exist when it involves lemon or apples – in any form. Like apple crisp or Lemon bars. More to come on that someday.
  4. I love garlic.
  5. I took a cooking class at William Sonoma and hated it b/c it was all a marketing ploy to buy their product.  Just teach me how to make the food man!
  6. I think about going back to school – Culinary school.  I am really interested in learning what flavors are best to fuse together, and why baking is such a science, and creating my own recipes.  Basically all I do now is find recipes I like online and execute them. Im pretty awesome at it. I wont lie. But I would love to have the knowledge of just being able to step in a kitchen and bake solely based on what I know, not a print out.
  7. I love the food network.
  8. I really dont crave chocolate like most females. It’s odd.
  9. My kitchen-aid mixer is red, and I love it. So are my miniature spatulas.
  10. Oh, these are my FAVORITE item in my kitchenCB mini bowls they are so tiny and perfect for everything. i just love them!
  11. i get bored easily so Im done listing things.

Alright, two posts in one day.  This is gonna be good.


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