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A new venture …

From baking, to baking and blogging, to crazy weight lifting routines, to getting pregnant and embracing motherhood, to crazy raw vegan diets … I have started a new venture. Want to see?

Headbands! I know it’s not a completely original idea, but I am having so much fun! I started making them way back when Cambria was firs -born. I’d shop around for headbands and thought they looks too traditional or overpriced. So, I just bought some needle, thread, and fabric and began experimenting on my own! I’ve read so many fabric flower making blogs and have truly been inspired to make more unique, fun, hip, colorful headbands.

When I finally made the decision to stay home full-time, I thought I would need something to “fill my extra time”. First off, that thought was way off base – taking care of the household duties and a child leaves little room for extra time. But now that her naps are longer than 40 minutes, and she’s asleep for the night by 8 – I do find time to get that needle out.

I started the Facebook page to get word out of my new business venture and get a pulse on how receptive people would be. I’ve already learned I need to keep more stock of everything, which I guess I knew. But I didn’t want to throw down a lot of money, make a 100 headbands, and have no one buy them. But now I think that’s what I need to do.

Take a change and believe in myself.

So, the Facebook page is to help build fans and my goal is to open and Etsy shop sometime this summer. That is when I am sure the chaos that is BabyIX will ensue. :)

So, come – be a fan, spread the word and help my little business grow. And be sure to check back often. I’ve got a logo coming and 6 new designs that were professionally photographed! I can’t wait to share it all!