This is my cookcabulary

Day 13


That is how I feel. Woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go. Breakfast was one cantaloupe blended with ice. It tasted just as it should, cantaloupe, but was super thick!! Almost like a milkshake. Sam hates cantaloupe so he chose to have fresh OJ and a banana smoothie.

I was anxious to get to lunch time so I could just finally chew my meal. It was a simple bed of greens with one avocado and a little fresh OJ for dressing. I did my usual seasoned salt garnish on the avocado and it really makes it so much more manageable for me! I almost … almost … enjoyed it. ALMOST … not fully. Just so were clear.

After lunch I was feeling good so I hit the gym, had a great workout and came home and snacked on a banana.

Dinner finally rolled around – a green ‘smoothie’. We juiced (per person) 3 apples, 3 cucumbers (I had 1), 1 red pepper, a bunch of kale, and 5 oranges. It made so much liquid! Sam juiced his apples and oranges together, drank that – and then left the veggies. I just poured all mine together, and when I tried it – I liked it! I told him that and he didn’t believe me so I made him try mine. He didn’t really have a comment … but as he was drinking mine, I noticed I had read the recipe wrong.

We weren’t supposed to use the oranges.

The oranges are for tomorrows green ‘smoothie’. Oops.

Just so happens that the combination of Sam using the oranges this morning, and using 10 more at dinner, completely wiped us out for tomorrow’s breakfast and dinner… joy!  So off I ran to Marsh to get more food for tomorrow and into next week – at 8:30 pm. I felt like everyone thought I was doing last-minute Easter dinner shopping, but I wasnt! Why that bothers me is beyond me. LoL.  So, I get home around 9pm and Sam is chopping fruit for our salad in the morning and I’m drinking the rest of my dinner. I started to feel super chatty and energetic, telling Sam they weren’t kidding in the menu literature about dinner boosting your energy. I didn’t understand why they would have us do it for dinner though, at the end of the day. He then told me, “Yea, but who is still eating their dinner at 9pm”. Oh yea … ha. So, here I am 10:11 and I am WIRED! I want to go running our something. I am sure the extra OJ in my juice is adding to the skip in my step. Woo buddy. Where was this drink last night when I wanted to quit?! I needed this energy days ago!

Oh well.

So, I am in a better place today. I refocused, and prayed last night for strength. Then, I lost another pound this morning, enjoyed my food all day, worked out … so – it was a good day! Tomorrow there might be some temptation and I am having a super easy time convincing myself if I want a nibble of ham I can have it, but I think Sam and I will keep each other in check. We want to cheat, but why. We can just eat whatever we want in another week.

Happy Easter my foodie friends! :)



Day 12 – and I’m losing steam.

Yes, its true. The last 3 days have been a bit rough on me. Today I woke up with zero energy. I’m sure its due to the fact I really havent eaten since Wednesday, and only consumed liquids, but I’m just tired. Cambria and I did nothing today.  I tried to get her to take a nap with me on the couch, but she just wanted to be in her crib! I thought if we snoozed together I could get a nap in, but instead she slept in her crib, and I got 30 minutes of watching tv. Mind you, I keep watching the food network. Well, I watched it everyday, I just keep it on while I am home, but I can’t handle it anymore. Today I really wanted to quit and just EAT.  I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.

But the number one rule of this diet is to not beat yourself up, or so they say it is. So … I continue on. I think not of what I don’t have, or can’t eat, but what I have gained.

  • a new perspective on food: I DONT have to eat all day long. I can eat specific meals and be satisfied.
  • I can snack on nuts and fruit and be satisfied
  • I am losing weight
  • I feel better about myself postpartum
  • I’ve gone 12 days on a raw vegan cleanse
  • My headaches are better
  • I’ve helped inspire friends to do the cleanse as well and experience something new
  • More people are reading my blog! ;)

That is what keeps me going.

I had kind of envisioned more results, amazing energy and clarity, and a new outlook that would ban meat from my diet. But, hello. Have you seen the previous entries on this blog. I AM A FOODIE! This is no offense to any vegans, I now completely understand and respect their decision to eliminate animal products. But, I – I cannot live without them. You know how you watch a show on the food network and they describe the food as if they were in love. They see food as it is – flavorful, wonderful, satisfying, exciting! They see food as something they absolutely love to consume. It’s a bit hard to describe, but that’s how I feel! I want warm chili on a cold fall night, I want a hot dog at a baseball game, I want french fries and a milk shake on a friday night. I want it all. But I am learning to be conscious of what I want and why I want it. Am I bored? Am and I emotional? Am I really hungry? And where did this food come from? How was it prepared? With learning to ask these questions, I can lean more vegetarian, more vegan … maybe more raw on some days. I didn’t think I would truly give up meat, or animal products, I guess – let’s be honest … but I am learning how to respect both worlds and invite vegan lifestyles to visit mine. I just want to be healthy and set good examples for my kids, and be able to stay on this earth long enough to see them grow up. Too many of us are letting our health go and it’s not ok.

Anyway … I apparently had some venting to do tonight! Feels good to get that out there. So, day 12 and I’m struggling. But that’s ok.

Breakfast – more watermelon juice, this time half a giant watermelon. So, pretty much the same amount as last time.

Lunch – Coconut juice … half a beet juiced … and 6 carrots juiced. d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g. Ugh! I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m not a huge coconut fan as I mentioned last week, but comparing it to other things on this diet I’m fine with it. But combining it with carrots and beet … ugh, too much! Thankfully it was only one cup. I gulped it down as fast as I could – but … the gag returned to haunt me. I gagged once. I thought I had escaped such behavior – but no. I’m still getting grossed out.

Dinner – Almond milk. Only this time I actually soaked the almonds for 24 hours and peeled them. Sam helped, and at one point asked me if this is what we were really doing with out Friday night. Yup!! Sure looks like it. :) Another week and were home free.

Avocado is back on the menu tomorrow – and I am ready! Bring.It.On!

Day 11

All I’ve eaten today is 1 banana, almond milk, a blackberry smoothie and 23 peanuts (or so,  totally guessing).  I’m actually not really hungry either! Its like an erie calm has set in on my stomach. I tried to do all liquids, but I’m too concerned with my milk supply. Bananas are high in calories, as well as the nuts. Plus I get all the healthy fats from the nuts. Dinner… probably more almond milk and some fruit. I actually haven’t lost any weight in 4 days. Maybe I’m eating TOO many nuts, pistachios in particular. They are like candy to Sam and I! So salty and crunchy, decadence!  Odd that my taste buds now consider that a treat.

I, surprisingly,  felt energetic today so I took the dog and and Cambria for a walk. Cambria always giggles at Kalila walking and sniffing around. Totally cute.

I’ve noticed my (chronic) headaches have decreased. Not in frequency, but pain level. I spent all of 2009 in and out of my neurologist’s office being medicated. Even did an outpatient IV treatment.  All to no avail. So its always been on my mind that maybe its a food allergy. I had high hopes they’d disappear during the cleanse, but they haven’t. They don’t hurt as much, but I still have them everyday. I guess a good measure of comparison roll be how I feel after the cleanse and the reintroduction of dairy and meat! I’m still craving lots of meat and Stir Crazy (Chinese) is high on our list of places to eat post cleanse. It cracks me up though because we would both get the market fresh stir fry (make it yourself)…with tons of veggies. But, Sam pointed out that its cooked and covered in sauce! Oooh, warm, cooked food how I miss you!

One more “liquid” day then back to purees, salads, and chopped fruit! I would like to say that my husband is doing amazing. He’s lost like 12 lbs and did the water fast as best he could today! *insert applause*

Tomorrow we have a coconut beet carrot juice concoction… hm.


Day 10

I’m dreamt I ate taco bell. LoL.  I’m so sorry if my cravings offend any real vegans out there, its just hard to quit something cold turkey!  I woke up thinking I ruined the entire diet, but then realized it was all fake! Phew!

I don’t have much to say about todays menu. Other than it took hours to drink all the liquid. Breakfast was 8 grapefruits juiced. Then lunch was an entire watermelon juiced. Yes, that’s a lot of liquid! Thanks to that I never had much time to get hungry. So the day wasnt too hard on me. Being that I’m nursing I did have a few handfuls of cashews. I meant to make almond milk for extra calories but I just never got to it.  Since tomorrow is supposed to be all water and I obviously can’t risk that for Cambria’s sake, ill make milk for tomorrow. So, if you ever do a liquid day – its totally attainable. Just drink ALOT!

Dinner was a simple orange, banana, and raspberry smoothie. Deeee-lish. Fresh Smoothies are so good!

I should note that I did not have much energy. While at the gym, I only did weights for about 20 minutes. I didn’t want to burn more calories than I consumed, again – for nursing reasons. It looks like any detox symptoms are long gone, so glad that was avoided. I honestly worried I’d be throwing up from a migraine day 4 or something!

Soooooo,  that’s about all I got.

Yea half way point!


Day 9

I felt so vegan today. Drinking green juice out if my nalgene. Only, I bet nalgene bottles are full of BPA or something so it’s actually not cool anymore…

Breakfast was interesting. Much better than I thought it would be. I juiced 4 celery sticks, 2 apples, 1 lemon, a bunch of kale, and … 1 cucumber. Yes, I was a brave little lady. We were supposed to juice 2, I wanted 0, so 1 seemed like the adult thing to do. I was nervous about the first sip; would it taste like kale and cucumbers or apple and celery? Apple and celery!! I could smell the cucumber but not taste it. Even though the smell of it was horrendous to me, I powered through. Surprisingly,  the lemon covered alot of the robust tastes and allowed the sweetness in the apples to come out. I have always wanted to try a green juice/smoothie but never have. Well now I have,  and it was alright!

Lunch was a simple salad and avocado. I used orange juice, instead of lemon, as my dressing and it totally worked in my favor. I was at lunch with some girlfriends, so having them to chat with made it much easier to eat the avocado. The more I eat, the easier it gets too! Good thing there.

Then we had dinner.


I need to go back and see how many times I’ve used that word to describe my food in the last 9 days. Ha! Our dinner consisted of avocado, red pepper, celery, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice,  and kale. You might be be thinking that doesn’t found so bad. And I would agree, if you ate them separately. We, on the other hand, pureed it. Its totally the pureeing that’s grosses me out. Thick goop in a bowl. Sick. We decided no more pureeing. We’ll just eat the veggies whole.

So glad that’s over with.

Oh! Almost forgot! We did give Cambria a taste…she wanted more. What is going on here? How can our 6-1/2 month old baby LIKE what we 20-something adults hate. Ugh. I guess since she could do it it gave me just enough courage to do it myself.

So tomorrow is an all day liquid menu. Fine by me! I’m anxious to see how I feel, hunger wise. A lot if people tell me they’d starve on this diet but I’m amazed at how well my body had adapted. Yes I need a few snacks through the day, but the quantity of food is actually pretty filling. That could be partly due to high quantities of water I drink at each meal to chase it down too…


How do vegans get sufficient protein?

People ask how vegans, in general, and a nursing mother as myself get enough protein. Below in an excerpt I received in my email gabout day 9.

“Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko won numerous science awards for proving that dark leafy greens are the best protein for human consumption. The problem is that most people won’t eat dark leafy greens, whereas they will eat meat. So they are getting the protein second-hand from meat. Originally it comes from the grass that these animals eat, and so the most authentic, purest, closest-to-the-sun source for protein is dark leafy greens. When we eat animal proteins our body has to work hard to convert the long animal protein chains back in to usable amino acids with which to build long human protein chains. Eating animal protein is like eating second-hand protein, instead of new protein in the form of amino acids in the plants, ie raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Most people just don’t know how to eat these foods, which is where the raw food movement and programs like ours come in.”

Interesting. Do you agree? What do you think?

Day 8 continued

Super simple dinner: fresh squeezed OJ, berries, and a banana.

Its only simple if you consider 42oz simple. That’s a lot if smoothie but it was so so good! My poor fingers are getting tired of peeling a juicing citrus fruit – whew! Took 10 oranges to make both our dinners.

The smoothie was perfectly satisfying, however I am enjoying a snack of pistachios. I’ve come to obsess over these nuts. They have calories, good fat, and protein – all things I need. And the salt is scrumptious!  Such a treat to me. I could eat a whole bag in one day, maybe even one sitting!

Today’s food was so easy and yummy, I’m sad that its over because tomorrow we’ve got a kale green smoothie and avocado again. We just can’t escape them! But were gearing up for 3 days of liquid only!

Stay tuned my cookcabulites!!!


Day 8

Its a whole new world today! Fruit, fruit, and more fruit!

The day started off with half a watermelon juiced. The only word that can best describe it: fresh. I’ve never drank watermelon juice, let alone thought to drink it – but its good!!! Sweet, light, refreshing. Loved it.

Lunch today is massive. 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 banana, 1 cup raspberries,  1 cup blueberries,  1 orange, 1/4 pineapple, and probably a few more I’m forgetting! We were supposed to include kiwi and mango, but they just aren’t ripe enough for today. Saving them for snacks and smoothies. I literally ate all of it out of a mixing bowl – so much food. But for once – I am satisfied! I’m full, I’m happy, I got to chew and enjoy my food. Great meal!

The program says week 2 is detoxing. Not only your body, but your mind. Were to experience stress releasing, weight loss from our midsection, more energy, and a few other items about self worth and exploration. Its a bit hippie for me, but I’m down! I mean everything the program talks about has happened in some form. And the results are real. 6 lbs lost, an inch on my waist, and about 3/4″ on my thigh! That was a great boost this morning! I’m now 9lbs away from pre-pregnancy.

I’ve been getting questions about how I will keep it off. Well, its a learning process and I expect to gain a couple pounds back, but I am hoping my mindset on food changes. Instead of frosted mini Wheats for breakfast, maybe I should have a smoothie. Instead of yogurt or nurti-grain bar how about some nuts or almond milk for a snack. Sam and I love meat, and I’m not ready to give it up, but I’m really anxious to try and keep the weight off by adjusting my old eating habits, that and ill be chasing after a crawling baby soon. That should help right??

Back for dinner!


Day 7

I cheated today…

I bought chocolate chip muffins for our life group tonight, but it ending up getting cancelled. Soooo, I put the muffins in a Ziploc bag to store in the freezer. Once they were all gone I noticed one tiny chocolate morsel all by it’s lonesome.

And I ate it!

Haha. But let me tell you about our afternoon. Its really not that big of a deal! We were at our friend’s daughter’s first birthday. Birthdays are the best, and here’s why. Pulled pork sandwiches, potato and pasta salad, cupcakes, ice cream…yum. but we didn’t have a bite of anything. Not one thing! Sam did snatch one single m&m that he presented to me in the car to eat. We joked about splitting it but then I told him to just throw it out the window!! He did. :) you might think it odd, but half an m&m sounded so good! He was fearful it would lead to a bigger cheat, and so on. Which is why I told him to throw it out! It’s all a slippery slope!

So nevermind my silly little chocolate chip. ;) I survived a birthday party!

Anyway, breakfast was yum as usual – OJ and mandarin juice.

Lunch, well lunch was terrible. It was the first meal on this cleanse that I could not eat. I took about 5 bites and gave up. I could not do it! Want to know why?


I loathe cucumber. I used to just not like it but then, while I was pregnant, it showed up on a Saladin  I ordered and I about died it smelled so gross. Since then, its purely disgusting.  So lunch consisted of cucumber, red pepper, garlic, and other herbs, pureed and then served with chopped avocado. What I ended up doing …. was eating the avocado by.the.spoonful. I know! Hooray me! I ate one whole avocado all by itself without one gag! I even sloppy chewed it in front of Sam to gross him out! I have come from eating avocado and throwing up in my mouth to just eating it (with a water chaser).  That’s improvement ladies and gentlemen!  Go me.

Dinner was uneventful. I bought more avocados for next weeks meals but they weren’t ripe enough to put on the salad we were having. We each ate about 3/4 of a bag of lettuce and I chopped up strawberries and sprinkled cashews on it. I guess we lucked out on the avocados. ;)

So, that’s that kids – one week down! I’m really proud Sam and I have stuck with it! I’ve looked over the recipes the next two weeks and am excited! This week we gear up for a water fasting day and two liquid only days. Based on my nursing situation I’m still playing with what to do, but rest assured … ill be here to tell you about it!


Day 6

I now know that I can peel 20 mandarin oranges fast than 5 grapefruits.

Sam and I have decided that, for the summer, we are going to try one raw day, and one day when we eat fish during the week. That mean he has to try Salmon, and I have to eat something other than salmon.  This diet has been hard on us both, we are such meat and potato folk!  But I really think we like the benefits were feeling and understand the health aspect as well.  Tomorrow marks 7 days down, one week, 1/3 of the way there! If we can do this week, the next two will be even easier!

As you might have assumed, breakfast today was mandarin juice. I would have never thought to juice up those little guys, but I loved it! I may have to borrow mom’s juicer indefinitely…

Sam got creative with lunch. Today it was a simple salad of watercress and avocado. Were supposed to add tomato as well, but I just couldn’t do it! I sliced the avocado so it was chunky, and then Sam dashed some seasoned salt on it! Not much, but just a touch. It made a WORLD of difference. We didn’t plug our noses once! I joked about how we might even like avocado by the end of this … YEA RIGHT! The watercress was our favorite leafy green that we’ve had all week. But tomorrow’s dinner is another salad and I got bagged lettuce – which is mostly romaine, thankfully!

Dinner was a bit of a treat – pineapple, carrot, and cabbage. unfortunately for Sam, he got the short end of the stick, or so he thought. The recipe said to grate the pineapple, so I tried … fail, it was just goopy. Then Sam wanted me to put it in the food processor – but that just turned it into a puree. Then I added his carrots but they were so small I had to use the tiny grater. So his was a bit soupy with itty bitty carrot bits and cabbage (which is not easy to grate either).  It obviously didn’t bother him because he inhaled the entire bowl before I was done plating mine! I decided to finely chop my pineapple so I could chew it and grate my carrots on a larger grate. Yummo! Sam took a bite of mine and thought the chopped pineapple completely changed the flavor.  But, towards the end of my meal my tongue went entirely raw and it stung when i took a bite, so I didn’t get to eat it all.

Probably why they wanted you to grate it – chewing pineapple makes your mouth raw.

Not feeling and withdrawal or detox symptoms. The diet claims the meals this week ease you off a standard american diet so you don’t feel withdrawal. So far, I believe them. But, I like to tell myself I wasn’t that horrible eater to begin with so detox wouldn’t be that bad for me … ha! ;)

But I did have to pray for some super strength today. I’ve been thinking of all the foods I REALLLLY want to eat now – specifically; fries, pizza, diet coke, butterfinger, sea salt and vinegar kettle chips, jimmy johns, and toast with butter. It takes a lot of will power to not go and get these when you are out running errands. Even the check out at Home Good had candy that I wanted! And who buys food at home goods? Desperate people! At times I feel desperate, but all cheats have been avoided. I will admit we munch on pistachios and fruit when were hungry, but I think that’s totally ok for the cleanse … right? SO yea, praying for strength to not cheat has become something I am doing often! So know that I am not perfect, the desire is there to cheat. But I just think cheating is a waste of hard work, and hopefully those foods will be unappealing at the end of this. . . no, that wont happen. But I do think i will lose my lust and gluttony for crap food. I really do! You just have to get over the hump of being addicted to all those terrible foods, and that’s what I anticipate.

All in all, a pretty good day. Tomorrow, avocado is in both lunch a dinner and I’m anxious to see how we handle it …