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William Sonoma

I had a half day at the office and as soon as I finished getting my hair did, I made a bee-line for the mall! I received a gift card to William Sonoma from my stellar boss! In my anticipation, I had tried to go online earlier to pick out what I would purchase, and pre-plan my shopping trip, but once I got online I couldn’t decide! I figured I might as well go and just buy what I want as I saw it!

I walked into the store and was in pure awe with all the possibilities: a mandolin, mechanical frosting bag, mini tartlet cups, apple peeler, ahhh! How was a girl to choose?!  I circled that store about 3 times, asked 2 different clerks for recommendations on certain multiple items, and wound up with 4 fabulous finds.  One even on sale!

First, 11 individual fluted cutters – the possibilities are endless with these!

Next on the list, a sale item – appetizer trays! So cute! Perfect for entertaining. Or in my case, a lunch for two ;)

The next two were an exciting purchase.  A tart pan and whoopie pie pan – these are PERFECT for my secret creation I have been conjuring up. Hah! And, maybe I will try making some whoopie pies! They do look quite appetizing!

My life is so complete for the moment … also because I got this today as well.

Yellow nail polish. 

Ohh this is going to be a great weekend!


Hawaii is Fantastic!

Aloha!! I am writing to you from sunny Waikiki Beach! Ok, not really – its  little overcast today, but I am still in Hawaii.

I’ve missed the blog – not baking for a while is making me sad, but I am pretty sure vacation helps me get over that fact very quickly.

My time here so far has been great!! Minus the mini moped accident … more on that later.  We got in Christmas Eve after 12 hours of flying and running around in the Houston airport.  The first leg was AWFUL! I thought I had eaten enough after I took my multi-vitamin, but apparently not.  I had the you.know.what.bag in my hand the last 30 minutes or so of the flight. It was excruciating.  But, I powered through it, got some food in  my belly and the flight to Honolulu, 8 straight hours, wasnt so bad!

I have to admit, being in the tropics for Christmas is weird, and surreal.  You kind of forget it.  Not many people here have Christmas decorations.  Except for the condo we’re staying in – there’s a giant tree and Christmas music playing in the lobby – so that helps.  But, in reality – does it really matter were you are on Christmas? Nope, my God goes everywhere with me! And as we opened our fun little stockings Christmas morning on the lanai, overlooking the ocean, we had a moment to reflect and remember whose birthday we’re really celebrating and the gift that came with it!  :)

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the moped in a minute …

Today is Tuesday, we have the rest of today 3 more full days and then a good chunck of Saturday before we leave.  Our pictures are tomorrow and I am super pumped.   Although I have developed a small food child in my abdomen so we’ll have to go run that off here in a minute. Ha!  I’ve accomplished laying one the beach every day except for yesterday, I’ve worked out twice (yay me!), saw sea turtles while snorkeling and other beautiful fish


They were so beautiful!! I have also eaten Shave Ice, tons of Dole Pineapple soft serve, and lots of french fries. The food has just been excellent! Even the shopping is great! Let me tell you a little Lex story …

A couple years ago I was at Saks and found a great pair of 7 jeans, ON SALE! I bought them and later that month ripped them unloading a TV from my brothers truck.  Note to self – don’t wear expensive jeans when you are moving around carrying heavy objects.  I don’t think I need to express how upset I was. Needless to say, they cannot be worn with out someone suspecting I am a street worker.  So, I have been waiting to find the perfect replacement.  And when our trip to Hawaii had been finalized, I KNEW that would be the moment in which I would purchase my new pair. *angelic music plays*.  Ah yes.  The shops here are amazing. Within walking distance there is a Tiffany’s, Bvlgari, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Burberry … and … 7 For All Mankind.  Not to mention a handful of others stores I would choose to go bankrupt in.

We were out shopping Sunday evening, and I knew just where to head.  As I walked into the store I made a bee line for the stack of denim.  I touched the jeans, feeling their soft fabric between my fingers.  I read the description tags, one by one, until I found “slim flare”.  I filed through the pile, searching for the perfect size, and there – among the beauty that is denim, sat my jeans.  I quickly tried them on, emitting glee and joy! Sam approved of the fit, and off to the counter I went. The clerk rang them up, 40% off, “hooray” I shouted! I handed the sales women my money, and she handed me my perfect jeans, tucked neatly in a small shopping bag.  I walked out of that store thrilled I had found my new favorite pair of jeans. 

Meanwhile, Sam was shaking his head at how much I had spent on the dang things, even on sale! But it didn’t matter … I had my jeans. Finally.

I might wear them in the pictures tomorrow … I think it’s only appropriate.

Ok, so the other activity I must get to, is the moped rental.  And if you mention this to me outside this blog, I will not speak of it . And I am not kidding. 

Don’t talk to me about it.  But you will probably see my scars at some point and wonder, so I will tell you now, once.

We rented mopeds and they had to be returned sunday.  Well, Sam and I decided to use the last hour and just tour around the island.  We had been gone a while and decided it was time to head back.  Sam had been out earlier fishing with Kimball and knew some back roads to take.  Well, to cut to the chase – we came to a big hill, stopped to check for traffic, and proceeded to make a right hand turn.  The hill was huge and I apparently gunned it, lost control, and toppled over. Ok more a less ran into a curb.  I tried to exit the moped before I fell over, but ended up scraping my hands pretty bad … and my toes, and my knee, and my hip, and my shoulder. I know! Stupid! Kimball asked how could I fall over on a moped and I just don’t know. But I am over mopeds.  I totally do not need to rent one ever again.  I will just go tandem with my husband. Ugh.

Anyway, back to bliss. The water it warm, the view is gorgeous, and the weather is to die for. I truly love vacationing in Hawaii, it never gets old!

 Hau’oli Makahiki Hou “Happy New Year”

Happy Halloween


Did you vote?! You should! I want to know what peeps are up with for Halloween 2K9! Were headed to a friend’s house after we wait for our neighbor girl to come over in her princess outfit! I think last year we had … 4 trick or treaters. FOUR! 

Ok, I just need to vent …

What happened to Halloween? Are people really that scared to take their children out into their own neighborhood in today’s world?!  I trick or treated from age 1-17. I am not kidding! We went every year.  The last 4-5 years we got a few “aren’t you too old to be out trick or treating”.

Um, no. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just MY neighborhood. Which, isnt FULL of children to begin with, but FOUR!? Really? And what about decorating.  Don’t people decorate their “stoops” anymore? Man, when we went out in our old neighborhood, back in the O-gon – there were some super awesome houses! Like the guy who would grab your hand if you took more than one piece of candy out of the bowl just sitting on the porch, or the garage-made scare house, or the creepers that would jump out form the bushes as you left. One year my mom had dry ice in a caldron, and blared the theme song of The Phantom’s Opera

Awesome right?! Oh man, it was loud and creepy!  Do people still do that? Because no one in my neighborhood does.  I do hope there is still some Halloween spirit out there.

And, in case you are wondering – I do have a cute little Halloween Ghost that hangs on my door for the holiday – thankyouverymuch.

I cant wait until we have kids and they are old enough that they can help make a scary house.  I can SO see Sam going all out …

More for less?

So remember that cookbook I bought last month – Brittles, Barks, and Bon-Bons? Well, turns out I didn’t want it anymore.  For some reason I just bought it without throughly looking through the recipes to make sure I would use it.  After looking through it for a month, nothing really intrigued me.  So, I took it back yesterday. With the cash I received back, I headed over to Borders to see what I could find there.  Well, guess what – JACKPOT! I got three books for the same price as the one I bought at William Sonoma, and I got a $5 off coupon! Woot!

Here are my fabulous findings!




The first book is a great little treat! Lots of cookies, but an assortment of other yummy delights! And, when I got home, I found a special chapter in the book full of Gluten-free treats! Score! I made one of them tonight, but thats another blog.

The second book is something that really caught my attention.  Basically, the premise of the book is to buy in bulk, cook for a week, 2 weeks, or even a month! You just store the pre-made/assembled dinners in the freezer. This isn’t a new concept to me, but I like that the book sorts it out into actual meals – she (the author) plans it out for you, but totally gives you the freedom to create your own dinner.  This will be good for Sam and me when we have busy weeks! If I don’t have food for Sam to make dinner – he turns to his trusty fork, leans against the counter – and east cottage cheese right out of the container.  Then he might follow up with a potatoe or a protein bar.  That is NOT  what I would call a well balanced meal – nope.  So, this will be good for him, he can just pop things in the oven when he doesn’t want to cook and I’m not home!

The third book is actually a replacement! I used ot have a crock pot book back in college. But somewhere between sorting my roomy’s stuff from mine and the 60 mile move – it totally got lost.  So, this should replace it! I made dinner out of this today, but again – thats another post.

I want to talk about Mexican soup! Yum-o!   (Sorry, I totally watched 30-minutes meals today with Rachel Ray)  I mean, de-lish! Wait … does she say that too? OK, this soup is FAB!

 The roomie I reference up above calls me every fall to get the recipe.  It’s just that good! In fact, it’s so good – it won 1st place and the chili cook off last year at Sam’s office.  I believe it was in the soup category or something – it’s not really a chili.  For as long as I can remember, my mom has made this soup around the holidays.  She’d simmer the delectable treat all evening, letting the aroma fill the kitchen, then set out a nice bar of sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips and any other condiments good enough to combine in to this amazing bowl of soup. Rather then make it when I get home in the evenings, I like to simmer it all day in a crock pot – that way, when I get home – I can immediately eat it! Ha.

This picture doesn’t do it justice …  and I didn’t take pictures during the process.  Probably because I got Italian Stewed tomatoes instead of Mexican Stewed tomatoes and made Sam go to the store to get the correct tomatoes! Totally distracts me when I don’t have the right ingredients!


…again, photo doesn’t do it justice. But we have som awesome flavor going on in that bowl! :) Yesss. Beef, green chilis, corn, olives, kidney beans – all soaking up a de-lish beef broth.  Oh yea!

If that got your taste buds going and you want the recipe – just email me @ and I maaaay give it to you in secret.  You see – I love to share a great recipe.  But, if they’re family recipes, I’d rather offer to make it for you then give you the recipe.  There’s something about keeping awesome tasting food within the family.  But, this is one I will share – just not by blasting it on the web.  :) Come on – deal with it!

Let’s see, up on the agenda tomorrow: I’ll blog about the crock-pot dinner I made, as well as the Carmel Corn Flake bars … at least I think that’s what they’re called.  Who knows, I may get REALLY crazy and make something else tomorrow too! Whoa.

Peace out.

Lean Sexy Workout Update

So, if some of you have been following me for a bit, you know I’m on this crazy health kick right now.  I found this workout on called the The Lean Sexy Workout – no I did not make that name up. Well, last week wrapped up 3 months of what I am calling really hard work.  I didn’t get to post about it lats week, so I am today.

It all started, because in 62 days, I will be here:


That’s right – HAWAII! Honolulu to be exact. I am PUMPED! To back up a bit, before Sam and I got hitched back in the summer of ’06, I was living by myself and supporting myself. It was a great experience.  One of my favorite things was that I determined my own budget – ha! So, the girls at work introduced me to a personal trainer and I was hooked.  I saw him 2x a week for an entire year and he WHIPPED my muscles in to shape! I felt so great on my wedding day! I had never been and avid weight-trainer-lifter and the results spoke for themselves. 

Well, when you get married – finances change don’t they?  I think I finished out the sessions I had paid for and Sam and I agreed our money could be best suited somewhere else.  And, after a year of training, I HONESTLY thought I would just keep it up on my own.

Fail.  I probably didn’t touch a weight until I picked one up 3 months ago.

I had ended up getting a membership to Lifetime – actually I won a 3 month membership and then decided to stay.  But I would just do cardio, kickboxing, and yoga.  So, after about 2 years, I had lost all the muscle I had gained and was feeling a little less than happy about my body – strength wise.  I’d always go into these fits of fitness and think I was doing great and losing a couple l-b’s – but it never truly sufficed me.  It wasn’t until this summer that we decided to go to Hawaii for Christmas, that I got truly motivated!

Hello, beach, pictures, swimsuit! Yeah – motivation much?

Plus Sam was doing a really great job at the gym and I thought it would be fun for us to do together.  So, I sat down one Sunday night, surfed the web to read up on fitness and diet and found the perfect plan for me! I decided I would limit my carb intake, up my protein, and lift 4x’s per week – for 3 months. Oh – and this would take a while to explain, but last Christmas I was able to do some testing at my gym and know exactly how many calories I should be consuming, so this helped tremendously as well. I would also recommend investing in a scale – awesome for portion control.

And I have to admit – it’s really been a lifestyle change.  Now, I know a lot of people have a charge on the low carb thing. But I look at it totally different.  The first 2 weeks I was very limited on the intake, about 20-30 carbs per day. THIS WAS HARD! I love CARBS! Have you not figured that out from my blog? And my protein, I was trying to consume about 150 g. This is hard as well.  So, in order to make sure I tracked everything appropriately – I wrote everything down, and I mean everything.  I wrote the amount of calories, carbs, and proteins, every day – all day. Towards the end I had pretty much memorized my eating habits and nutritional value in foods so I eased up the writing but it was worth it – I was able to train myself. But I did allowe myself to eat crabs. We all know if you cut them out, once you go back to how you ate before, you’ll lost all the results you gained!

After 3 months of sweating it out with the crazy meatheads at the gym, passing on french fries, cookies, and sandwiches, slamming numerous protein shakes and home-made proteins bars – I got the results I wanted! (Don’t worry, I allowed NUMEROUS cheat days!) Like I said, I looked at the carb thing a little differently.  I found that I can consume a certain amount and it doesn’t affect my weight – I’d challenge you to cut back and see what happens, you might like it. :) So, 3 months later ….

BEFORE: I didn’t take a before picture – that’s embarrassing.

AFTER: Lean Sexy Workout

Ha, that face is because I felt like a fool taking my own picture of me flexing!

But before I continue, I need to say that this wasn’t about weight loss for me.  And I think that’s why it worked.  I’m a tall girl at 5-’11” and I love it! But it comes with a high number on the scale, and I have accepted that – there’s A LOT of me! So I did get a little flack/concern, from some people, that I didn’t need to lose weight. But – I knew weight would come off with this program (and really, what girl doesnt want to shed 10 l-b’s!) and I was ok with that.  I didn’t think I was fat, I just want to look hot in a swimsuit dangit! Ha. But what I really wanted was to be stronger.

My goals were to:

  • Gain Muscle
  • Understand what I was puting in my body
  • Change thought to “food is fuel”
  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Drop body fat%
  • Increase flexibility

And I am happy to announce, I’ve succeed and even surpassed them all!

Last weekend when I did my final weigh-in, my total weight loss was 12lbs, I gained some awesome muscle, I am the most flexible I have ever been (still want to increase it), lost about 7% of my body fat, and truly understand what I am puting in my body! I feel great! The motivation I had was so awesome, I have never felt like this.  And can I just say that I did this on my own?! I paid for a trainer for an entire year and didn’t get results like these.  If you TRULY want to change your body – get focused and just do it.  You do not have to pay for it! I am lucky in that I can ask my husband questions, and have the prior training.  I’d like to think I know what I’m doing – but there are some people who need guidance, otherwise they WILL hurt them selves lifting weight!

So, now what?  Well … good question! I have 62 days until Hawaii, so the training continues! Sam wrote me an 8 week program and I am pumped! I was getting bored of my previous lifting schedule, so now that I’ve changed it up, I’m ready.  The goal this time around? Simple – get chiseled! Haha. No really, I want washboard abs! :) And I want to decrease my body fat % just a little but more.

All in all, it was a long 3 months – and starting my blog right after didn’t help, but it was worth the work.

Speaking of … I need to figure out what I want to make this weekend still!




Do you like the title of my blog? Its boring hu? Yea, well – that’s the word I would use to describe my week.  Nothing too exciting has been happening – other than I feel lost and uncommitted when I don’t blog.  But its only been 4 days, I shouldn’t fret so much.

But what I AM fretting about it my “Peter” cake I need to make tomorrow for THE BEST BACHELORETTE PARTY EVER. Ha.  I’m not going to lie, I did google images tonight for inspiration.  Luckily I used the correct words and didn’t find anything revolting online, ha again. But, I do think some brown sprinkles will be on my list tomorrow for the grocery store. Oh man, we’ll see how this turns out.  I don’t know if I will post pictures of the final outcome.  I mean, I have this great wholesome blog going – and I really dont want to ruin it with a weird “Peter” cake.  Someone visiting my site might get the wrong impression. See, Im totally fretting! Ugh.

In other news – Kimoni is STILL cute!


I love this picture, because he is showing off his little “mouser-face”, as I call it. It’s so adorable! Currently he is snuggled on our chair in a perfect circle, like a snail shell, all spiraled together.  I’ve always thought the way cats roll into a perfect ball was fascinating, but thats just me.

Ok, then other quick thing I need to mention (yea, right – this wont be quick) is updates on my dance class.  Some of you may not know, but I enrolled in an Adult Hip-Hop class at the new Indianapolis Dance Academy.  It’s awesome.  I joined my good friend Bess, and her friend Jenn.  We’ve been having a blast.  I always come home after class and show Sam what I learned that night.  To which he asks, “Was that worth the $12 bucks you spent for an hours worth of class.”  I just look at him.  I don’t even neeeeed to answer, I mean look at my moves! I AM hip-hop.  Ok, buy seriously, we have a Holiday Showcase coming up in December.  I know! I am 25 and I have a dance recital. So lame. BUT – so fun at the same time.  I really have mixed emotions about the whole thing.  Mostly because I have to do a good job, because Sam will probably film the performance and if it’s not good – he will totally blast me to all our friends.  That can’t happen.  Were doing about 9o seconds of choreographed-awesomeness to Ciara’s – Get Up.  I actually love the dance, and want to do the performance.  I just worry I wont have it nailed by showtime.  So, lots of practice it is for me.  LOTS. 

Hold on, not finished with this story …

To top it off, I got an email from the IDA tonight, asking the Adult Hip-Hop class to join the Colt’s Cheerleaders in a big half time performance for the Colt’s game when we play the 49ers.  It’s a tribute to M. Jackson and we’d be doing thriller.  (My instructor is a Colts cheerleader) So, I guess the idea is, we dress up as zombies and attempt to look as good as the cheerleaders. Ha.  Thats a good one IDA.  Again, I’m down to do this, it sounds like an awesome experiance – I’m just worried I’ll look ridiculous!  I youtubed the video.  Lets take a trip down memory lane and assess the moves I need to perfect:


Wish me luck?

Ill be back later this weekend to blog about the bachelorette party AND baby shower – don’t you worry my friends! Until then!

I love fall!

What a great weekend! As we speak I am wearing a peel-off passion fruit face mask spa thing. My face smells awesome! I can’t wait to peel it off. It reminds me of the days when you would pour Elmer’s glue into your palm and wait for it to dry and peel if off.  But it was super suspenseful b/c you couldn’t let your teacher know you we’re using the glue for personal satisfaction. Ha. Only this face mask is much more adult, right?!

Tomorrow marks day one of week 11 of my Lean and Sexy Workout!


Ha-ha. This picture makes me laugh.  Like I am REALLY going to look like that?! Good grief lady, but it is good motivation.  But those of you who read my Facebook status know since I gave a pint of my own blood today I wasn’t allowed to work out.  I totally thought the nurse was bogus, I mean – I know she knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t know me and my gym habits – surely someone who lifts like I do can handle lifting after giving blood right?  Well, about an hour or so after getting home, I got up from the couch real fast (because Kimoni was licking the dish I had made tuna on) and as I was walking down the stairs, I saw stars and totally had to sit down to keep from fainting. Yea – the nurse was right. I did not go to the gym today, not even to swim! So, I will have to double up on weights tomorrow. But anyway, I have two weeks left – and I’m excited to gather all my results. I feel really great right now and am actually proud of myself, if I am allowed to say so. I’ve lost weight, and inches where I wanted – but also gained muscle and inches where I wanted.  I cant wait for my final weigh in!! I will have to do some research though and come up with another workout – Hawaii is still a long time away and I’m not about to quit now!

Guess what Im drinking RIGHT now ….

hot apple cider – mmmm. In a mug.  It’s glorious!

Sam and I took a trip to the Apple Store at Connor Prairie.  And I don’t mean the computer store.  We went 15 minutes before they were closing and it was a mad house.  But we managed to make it out with a satchel of Honey crisp apples, 2 gala apples, 2 caramel apples, sweet and spicy pepper salsa … annnnd an apple cider doughnut. Ha. Cheat day much!? The weird part was that as we were checking out a couple in front of us didn’t end up buying the apple crisp apples b/c apparently they cost more (shorter branch life on the tree).  So when we got up the lady to check out, she was like, “Now I need to tell you these apples are more expensive.” I smiled and told her that was fine.  She was like, ok, but theyre more money than all the other bags this size.  I smiled again and said, “I know, thats ok.”  She looked at me weird, and Sam chimed in that they’re more expensive at the store, so no reason we wouldn’t expect it here.  Even after that she was STILL hesitant to sell them to us.  Geeze lady, do you want our service or not?! Ha.  I cant wait to eat them with peanut butter tomorrow for my 2:00 snack!

Oh and guess what else I got to start my week of right tomorrow.


Yummy! I cant wait to try it.  I haven’t tried this brand, but I’m sorry – that horse looks cool.  Marketing totally worked on me. 

Going back to the Apple Store – I decided I am going to make an apple pie soon.  Maybe for Stephanie’s baby shower this weekend. We’re already getting a cake – but who doesn’t love pie as well? I will totally make it from scratch, but I am thinking I might even experiment and make my own recipe! Yikes right?! I’ve made my mom’s apple crisp a million times, so I figure I can just tweak that?  But before I make that pie – I have to make my inappropriate cake for Katy’s bachelorette party Friday. Oooh man, it’s innappropiate alright!

Time to go snuggle on the couch and watch some Desperate Housewives with my beau.


mmm, donuts


Are you intrigued?


Don’t they look delicious?



Whoa, simma’ down Lex.

Tomorrow is Friday – no work, yippee! But, I have to clean house in order to appropriately prepare for a bridal shower I am throwing.  My dear sweet friend, life partner, favorite lady, bestie is getting married – and as the MOH, I’m going to show her a dang good time! :) “So what’s with the donuts Lex?” Oh, yes – the dooonutsss. Mmm. Katy loves them – a lot. Like, a …  l o t .  So, we are not having cake, we are having donuts. In fact,  I am going to make a donut cake. Mkay? Get pumped! I just wanted to post some pictures to get those taste buds salivating. 

Tomorrow, if I get the house clean and spend some time in the gym (3 weeks and 2 days until final weigh in – woo!) early enough, I am going to practice making donuts. Yup. I have a deep fryer and I am NOT afraid to use it. However, the plan is to absolutely buy donuts on Saturday morning as it seems like all the blogs I am reading about people making their own donuts start and end in failure. I can’t fail Katy – not with donuts. But I can at least practice tomorrow. Maybe – if I get the house clean and work out early enough. You see, I want to sleep in and watch SYTYCD and House, two premieres I havent seen yet.  I watched Grey’s tonight and totally bawled, yeesh.

Get excited, donut time.

RIP Kramer

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing on of our beloved family pet – Kramer. At the ripe age of 15 (or is it 16?!) we decided it was time for him to rest. I thank God for the memories Kramer brought us and the life we shared. He will be sorely missed, and going home to visit my parents will never be the same – the tapping of his paws, the feathery tale, and that bright smile will never fade from my mind. You were an awesome dog Kramer. I thank God for aligning our paths. For without you, I would have never been taught how to care for a dog. You were the first Bowden dog, and just like Fluffy – you will always hold a very very special place in my heart. 


im posting again!

ok im bored.  Sam is at a friends watching the Purdue Game (Boiler Up) but I opted to stay home since the game didnt start until 10:30 PM and we have to be in Shelbyville by 10:30 am … sometime sleep just wins.  But don’t fret – Im totally wearing my new Victoria Secret Collegiate gear in hopes it brings luck.V286938


 Also, I think its super cool that Oregon is playing Purdue right now – thats like my two homes, colliding.  Lots of trash talking is happening on Facebook I might add.  Wow, total tangent.

Were going to Hawaii for Christmas and New Years this year – HOLLA! This is the reason for my Lean Sexy Workout.  Ive been pumping iron 4x’s a week, kickbox twice a week, dance class (oh i love dance class) and then a few cardio sessions in there.  I already told you about my current eating habits – and it’s all for Hawaii. Sam and I want to look hot on the beach.  That and I want to get a good body now before I get pregnant (some day) and have NO chance of getting flat abs back. ANYWAY – We were watching Travel Channel last night – Man v Food, a top show in the Ray household and what do you know, he was in Honolulu! Perfection! I am going to all three places he speaks of in the episode. Sam and I also swore to each other we would eat 1 pineapple whip and 1 shaved-ice each daily, as long as we go running. Ha. I could never do this challenge, but its fun to dream about. Check it out:

I also what to give a shout out to my fellow blogger Bess. Whadup B?! For without her, I may have never started this ridiculous blog – its all because of the rainbow cake she made and posted about. Check out her  blog: (i have got to figure out a better way to insert the link, im learning people!)


Goodnight world.