This is my cookcabulary

A new venture …

From baking, to baking and blogging, to crazy weight lifting routines, to getting pregnant and embracing motherhood, to crazy raw vegan diets … I have started a new venture. Want to see?

Headbands! I know it’s not a completely original idea, but I am having so much fun! I started making them way back when Cambria was firs -born. I’d shop around for headbands and thought they looks too traditional or overpriced. So, I just bought some needle, thread, and fabric and began experimenting on my own! I’ve read so many fabric flower making blogs and have truly been inspired to make more unique, fun, hip, colorful headbands.

When I finally made the decision to stay home full-time, I thought I would need something to “fill my extra time”. First off, that thought was way off base – taking care of the household duties and a child leaves little room for extra time. But now that her naps are longer than 40 minutes, and she’s asleep for the night by 8 – I do find time to get that needle out.

I started the Facebook page to get word out of my new business venture and get a pulse on how receptive people would be. I’ve already learned I need to keep more stock of everything, which I guess I knew. But I didn’t want to throw down a lot of money, make a 100 headbands, and have no one buy them. But now I think that’s what I need to do.

Take a change and believe in myself.

So, the Facebook page is to help build fans and my goal is to open and Etsy shop sometime this summer. That is when I am sure the chaos that is BabyIX will ensue. :)

So, come – be a fan, spread the word and help my little business grow. And be sure to check back often. I’ve got a logo coming and 6 new designs that were professionally photographed! I can’t wait to share it all!


Post cleanse

Its been a week and one day since the cleanse officially ended and I think things are going well. I haven’t gained any of the weight back, so any concerns about that are now gone, but I do wonder if that’s due to nursing? I won’t be able to determine that until September when we start to wean Cambria.

My food for the last week started out super simple. Lots of fruit, pure bars, smoothies, salads and cooked veggies. The only meat we ate was chicken and it surprisingly didn’t bother my body – aka digestive track ;). It was fun cooking again! And i enjoyed thinking of new things to make like stuffed peppers or sauteed kale (which is delicious)! What did bother me were candied pecans and croutons on my spinich salad I had Wednesday. I went out to eat with some friends and didn’t think too much of it. I think the sugar and butter is what made me feel sick. It passed rather quickly, but the few minutes of cramping and nausea weren’t enjoyable. As the week went on I was more brave with my food selections. I tried those chocolate chip muffins I had in the freezer, they didn’t even taste all that good to me and made me feel gross! Amazing how my taste buds have changed.

So what have I discovered? Meat is agreeing with my body (have yet to introduce fish and red meat), but processed foods aren’t.  And I’m defaulting to vegetarian tendencies throughout the day until dinner. But going to the grocery store has me confused. Once I get all my fresh produce I really begin to read labels and bypass a lot of food I used to eat! Its like I’m lost in a place I used to feel so at home in. I know I’m just adjusting to all this new food knowledge but I really need to get my grocery game back!

The real test for us was this past  weekend – mother’s day. I had everyone over to my house for a BBQ. We made kosher hot dogs for those that wanted them, but the main dish was chicken skewers.  I loaded up bell peppers, red onions and chicken in a wonderful spicy rub and threw it all on the grill. I also grilled some asparugus and broccoli in a little balsamic vinegar. My mom brought fruit salad and my sister in law shared her coleslaw. The coleslaw was so good! Probably because of all the sugar, ha, but I only had a little. ;) For dessert I made a super simple gluten and dairy free strawberry shortcake. Instead of sugar I used honey, and substituted in almond milk and a soy based buttery spread. They weren’t delicious…the gluten free flour was a bit heavy, but served with strawberries and vegan ice cream it was tolerable! What was hard for me was portion control. Everything tastes so much better to me now that I want more more more! But I remember how little we ate at each meal on the cleanse and that helps me.

Then yesterday we went to Stir Crazy, Asian food. I did the market fresh bar where you pick your own veggies and sauce then they cook it on woks right in front of you. I also got free dessert for being a mother – which I couldn’t pass up! Ice cream rolled in fortune cookies and deep fried. Haha, pure gluttony right there! I ate everything, and after I realized how obsurd the portions in America are! During the cleanse there weren’t many days I needed to snack out of starvation (I did have a few tough days) and it amazed me this past week how unsatisfied I’ve been after eating. Once again, I’m in awe at how well my body adapted and used all the nutrients in the raw food to fuel me.

To sum it all up – I feel, overall, worse than I felt during those 21 days. I will continue to refrain from sugar and overly processed foods and hope to find a good balance to keep me satisfied, healthy, and in control.

Off to make our meatless Monday meal!



We did it, 21 days of being a raw vegan!

Ok, maybe we weren’t as strict the last two days, but we did it. 3 weeks of juicing, cutting and peeling more oranges than I care to count, peeing excessively, gagging, and eating foods that I would never think to eat in the combinations we did. I realize saying it that way makes it sounds like it was 3 weeks of torture, but it wasnt. I cleansed my body, focused on ways to eat right, developed new habits, gained energy, lost weight, and accomplished something that most wouldn’t dare have the guts to attempt! But, I assure you doubters out there that if I can do this so can you – it’s what I keep saying! It does take determination, and I would recommend having a buddy to help you through those tough moments when you want to just quit. I ended up losing 9lbs and a couple of inches around my waist, and thighs. My husband ended up losing 17! My gf that mentioned this cleanse to me had lost 13 lbs by day 7 I think, so know that results are attainable. I have now lost 55 lbs. since giving birth to my amazing baby girl on September 26th and only have 5 more to go. Was this diet worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Even through those moments that I hated it, I knew I was bettering myself!

So how did we end the cleanse? Once again we steered away from the preplanned menu, and did our own thing but only for breakfast and lunch. This morning we started the day with a banana, OJ, and romaine lettuce smoothie.  I couldn’t even taste the romaine, so it was an easy way to sneak in some nutrients. Lunch was hummus with veggie sticks, and a Pure bar.

Lets digress for a moment. Before lunch I headed to the grocery store as I always do the first weekend of the month. I decided I was going to buy as much fresh produce as possible, nothing overly processed with gobs of fat and calories, and no dairy. I actually think I did well! I got more kale to saute, lots of veggies and fruit, some green tea, hummus, and an entire box of apple cinnamon Pure bars (haha). I did get something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Have you seen those veggie sticks? You get them in the chip isle. The bag contains potato, tomato, and spinach flavors. The ingredients are limited and mostly natural, but they seems to be a better choice than potato chips! I thought they would be good to dip in the hummus. And they are! They almost taste like french fries, which we all know I love!!! But overall I think I made better choices than previous vegan cleanse!

For dinner we made the recommended ‘ice cream’, but we wanted a little more. The weather was nice, so we fired up the grill and threw on some chicken and asparagus. I then sliced it all up and put it on a bed of lettuce and finished it off with a balsamic vinaigrette. Sam had a raspberry vinaigrette which was equally delicious.  Although to some it may seem a light meal, it was so satisfying! We enjoyed every.single.bite! I think Sam was just excited to get meat/poultry back into his system!!  After our much-needed transitional meal I made the ice cream. It was frozen fruit with a little orange juice; bananas, pineapple, strawberries and a little OJ. It was more of a sorbet, but SO good! We gave Cambria a few bites and she loved it as well! A small amount of fruit goes a long way so we saved some of it for another time.

And that’s it. That was our last day

What am I going to do tomorrow? Well, I’m not sure. I have nothing planned other than I will most likely make fresh squeezed OJ for breakfast and then, I don’t know, wing it. This week is packed with a few festivities that will involve food – and not vegan food. So, I am anxious to see what cravings I have, what I am able to say no to (no sugar for a long time, but no eggs or red meat for a little while longer), and what symptoms return (if any) before doing the cleanse. I want to snack on veggies and fruit as much as possible and keep my animal product intake to a minimum until my body is ready … or I guess until I am ready. I will eat it all again, but it will be in my time. I’ve really enjoyed the way I have felt the last few weeks, but I just need to find the right foods that satisfy me – and don’t make me gag.

Thanks again for reading along and joining me on my journey. I hope that if you’ve been thinking of going vegetarian, vegan, or just incorporating more natural organic raw food into your diet, that this blog can inspire you to know that you CAN. Just try it. I think you might be surprised at what your body can handle, but more importantly, what you can do when you apply yourself.