This is my cookcabulary

Day 20

One more day, although today probably doesn’t count to some of you lol.

I started the day off with a Pure bar.  Sam and I are thinking of buying them by the box, we love them! Definitely a new staple in our diet.  I was headed to the shower I mentioned yesterday and assumed I could eat more fruit and veggies. Lesson learned, never assume. All that was available to eat was potato cassarole (probably had cream soup in it), muffins, deviled eggs, and a Waldorf salad of sorts. I ended up eating a spoonful of the salad since it was fruit, but I had no idea what was in the dressing so I didn’t want to eat much.  There wasnt any cake or sweets so that was good! Once the shower was over Sam picked me up with fruit and Pure bars in hand. Knight and shining armor he is! A few hours later when we headed home we got a salad. We loaded it with veggies and put Italian dressing on it. We waited to eat until we got home, but when I took that first bite….

…it was heaven.

Real dressing makes all the difference! Oh! So good! Later for dinner Sam and I just COULD NOT take it any more. Tonight I was going to cook!!! We want to remain vegan so I made tomato sauce from scratch. My oh my did it feel good to turn on the stove, pour oil on the pan, sauteé some onions and cook something! My house finally smelled of warm comforting food! After simmering a couple hours we put it on spaghetti. I ate every bite with an entirely different attitude. I smelled every bite, I tasted each herb flavor, I chewed slower … I treasured my food! We may have taken a left turn the last two days of my cleanse and I couldn’t be happier!

Wonder what the scale will say tomorrow though. Ha! One more day and I’ll share my final stats!



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