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Day 19

I had a sweet one liner to open my blog tonight … but I totally forgot it! Bummer.

The raw cleanse wanted me to eat ambrosia for breakfast (macadamia nuts, dates, strawberries, coconut juice and a few other things I’m forgetting). It actually sounded good to me but I never bought macadamias! Then lunch was a cucumber dill salad (we all know how I feel about that). And dinner was almond milk, which I did. 

My menu today was a banana and pure bar for breakfast. I snacked on hummus and vegetable crackers (organic and dairy free) mid afternoon.

The crackers Yum.

Lunch was an avocado salad,  I know. Shocking. I sent Sam a text, “Why am I willingly eating avocado”?  Guess I realize how good it us for me.  Snacked later on a bit more hummus and another pure bar. And dinner was the almond milk like I mentioned. Good day.

Have I told you about dance central?! My gym is closed for renovations this week, so every day I’ve been dancing for like 40+ minutes. Serious workout friends. Yesterday I got a legendary status on Rihanna’s Pon de Replay. That’s 5/5 stars and 97% accuracy. Sure it was on easy, but I did it! I average about 75% accuracy, so I’m a bit of a big deal. ;) Battle me anytime playa! Good workout though, in all seriousness.

Tomorrow I have my sister in laws bridal shower. I will not be eating any sugar, and will remain vegan, but I’m sure it will be a challenge. However, I can tell my sweet tooth is diminishing.  I can feel myself have enough will power to say no, which is great! Its been awhile since I’ve felt that!

See ya tomorrow!



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