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Day 17

For those that keep asking for info on the cleanse – you can sign up on  If I was greedy I’d let you pay me half and I would send you the info, but I am pretty sure that’s illegal some way or another. Check it out though! :)

Today was a good day! I had a sliced banana with raspberries for breakfast, followed by one of the Pure bars I shared with you all yesterday.

Lunch was supposed to be “Tacos” … FAR FROM IT! There we like 13 ingredients and 9 steps and Sam and I were just not down with the process. So we made the green smoothie. I got a second chance! This time I DID add the extra 16 oz. of OJ and it made a huge difference. You could actually drink it, not slurp it like a thick mud. I think I could actually get really used to green smoothies. The banana really covers the taste of the Kale rather well! It fills me up, and gives me energy!  Only, I leave out the romaine lettuce. I should probably try it with the lettuce, for comparison, but with all the Kale, I really don’t think I need more nutrients! Plus the Kale helps with my lactation. You wanted to know that hu? :)

Dinner was also another substitute of sorts. Kale subs were on the menu for this evening, but I just can’t eat Kale raw. It’s too … I don’t know, thick and bitter? I substituted iceberg lettuce which has like zero nutritional content. Kale is so much better as far as that goes, but the taste is just no fun for me! I chopped up tomato (super tiny so I could eat it), avocado and sprinkled cilantro and italian seasoning into the lettuce wraps. Light, healthy, and not too shabby! As I’ve been mentioning, I’m pretty used to the avocado but am still chasing it with water. I know, real mature.  Later I ate some pistachios and another Pure bar.

Overall, Sam and I are really, just – over – the cleanse. He’s lost 14 lbs, I’ve lost 8 so far. Which … lets digress for a moment … is so much less than I thought I would lose. When I started this cleanse I only wanted to lose 10, but feared I would lose more due to the limited calorie intake. So, the first week I lose 6, which I was stoked about, but worried I was going to lose too much to fast, affecting my milk supply. And here I am now, losing the same pound over and over. I honestly think its because I am eating so many nuts. The salt is probably making me retain water weight or something. My bad. I wanted to lose a lot, but I didn’t because of nursing – it was a fence I was walking.  But, I do have to say – those 8 pounds have brought me back down to a weight I am usually in. I think it’s a bit heavy for me, personally, but normal none the less. I can fit into all my clothes, and my post pregnancy muffin top is losing its muffin. Yea! I need to do a lot of toning on the midsection, but the pounds I’ve lost in the last 17 days have really made me feel like I can get my body back.

But where were we? Oh yea, being over the cleanse. Yea. Sam and I are just tired of it. I think, surprisingly, the cravings have leveled and it’s really not about wanting meat anymore.  Im tired of it because the food prep is long, the cost is high (touch on that in a sec), and I’m getting bored with the dinners. Sorry but its the truth!  I will reflect more on the diet when I post my last blog on day 21 but I am definitely counting down the days for day 21.

So now that I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) there have been a few sacrifices we’ve made and we are budget budget budget people! This diet, for those that want to try it and can be prepared, is costing an upwards of $150/week for two people. For some of you that’s not a big deal, but for Sam and I that’s our monthly allowance for the entire month, just about anyway. Being this cleanse started on day 11 of the month, I had already spent some cash to get us through to the 11th. Soooo, its been fun seeing our budget just go out the window this month…sike. However, I thought of it this way. First, its only 21 days. That wont bankrupt anyone. Second, you have meals for 21 days; that’s snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Which is great, because on top of our monthly allowance for groceries, we still spend money on lunches or dinners that we have out of the house. I’m not really sure where I am going with this (why Im spilling my financials online beats me) … but I think my point is that I am ready to get back on track with our budget and stop freaking out every time I run to Costco (which is like every 4 days) to get oranges, almonds, and avocados in bulk.  

Thats probably enough for tonight. Tomorrow for lunch we are having a lemon pie. Can’t wait to try it.

PS. Love how the diet creator titles the meals…so misleading!


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