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Day 16

Were continuing the diet! I will not quit!

I woke up this morning totally bummed out. I made my banana OJ smoothie and figured I’d be eating a potato or something by dinner. When I arrived at support group, we played a while and then I took C to weigh-in. 14lbs 13.1oz! That is a 10 oz. weight gain from last week!! For those that don’t have children – that is what we call a growth spurt! :) Sooooo, she was getting enough food all week. This is where us mamas sigh a huge sigh of relief and reflect, for one moment, on our hard work. Its instant gratification! I then nursed Cambria and weighed her again to see how much she had eaten – close to  4 oz. Which is good again! I was feeling confident all my worries last night were just that, worries. So I talked to my lactation consultant and she told me I just need to up my protein. Thats all. She mentioned kale, tahini, beans, nuts and even protein bars … all things I knew and was familiar with. After group I headed to Meijer to see what I could find. And guess what – I found Raw Vegan protein bars! Score! Oh, we also went to lunch in the cafeteria right after class and I snagged some Garlic humus.

Needless to say, I was and am a happy camper. However … I will be honest. I TOTALLY cheated. The humus came with cute little pretzel crackers and I just couldn’t resist. I had about 4 dipped in humus. I was puuuure heaven! I realized I was going own a slippery slope though and quickly grabbed some lettuce out of the fridge (all my veggies are gone!) So, I ate some lettuce leaves and humus and then tried my Apple Cinnamon bar. It was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. You know when I type words in that way I’m serious! So good! I have a blueberry, chocolate brownie, and an orange cranberry flavor. I might eat them all day they’re so good. At $1.69 a piece, I think I found a new guilty pleasure! Love it!

So, in addition to my smoothie this morning, humus, and bar, I also drank my almond milk. Tonight’s dinner is a celery and avocado soup, but … the celery went bad so I’m not sure what we will do. Sam is off to the doc (well currently he is trying to save our neighbors house from flooding – they sprung a leak) so I hope he can swing by the store to pick up a few items before it gets to be too late. Dinner is that whole puree issue again. I would really just rather eat avocado slices on celery sticks, but I’m sure the pureeing helps it digest easier. So, I’m not sure HOW we will eat it, but we will eat it.

So, the diet will go on as planned through Sunday. I will most likely break the raw rule and eat some of the canned beans I have in the pantry, but I WILL remain VEGAN!  I just remembered we have a whole bag of beans to make 7 bean soup. Off to google land to figure that one out – I think I can just soak them!  I’m so glad I didn’t throw the towel in last night and ruin any chance of going on.

The countdown continues – 5 more days!


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