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Day 15

Its the last week, and I don’t know if I’m going to make it. Without going in to too much detail, I fear my milk supply is being affected … and not in a good way.

Those of you that nurse know the time, dedication, and commitment it takes. Losing a few more pounds is not worth the benefits my daughter receives from the best food available to her. I’ve made a few changes to my activities to help stimulate more Lactation, but I worry its purely a nutritional lack. Tomorrow I go to my weekly breastfeeding support group so I can talk with my lactation consultant then. I really want to finish this challenge I set out to do, but again, it’s not worth this price. I will have made my decision by tomorrow on if I will continue or not.

I know… sad face.

But let me tell you what was on deck for food today.

Breakfast was a small, but satisfying, fruit salad.

Lunch was to be a tomato soup. It consisted of tomatoes, honey, apple cider vinegar, oregano, olive oil and chives all pureed together. Sam refused to eat it so I tried what he made. Verrrry tomato-y!! I could taste the honey and vinegar and thought that if I liked tomatoes this would be delicious! But alas, it was grosssss!

The diet creator emails us everyday and told us to use our knowledge if we chose not to eat the predetetmined meals. Feeling the freedom, I ate something else. It wasn’t creative, but its what was fresh. I chose a red pepper, carrots, banana, and some peanuts. Eaten separately of course!

Dinner was interesting. I couldn’t find coconuts or seaweed at the store when I went, so we had to leave those ingredients out. But we processed broccoli and cauliflower to make a cous cous like consistency, added olive oil and lemon juice, then finished with avocado. I’ve learned to tolerate the avocado, but I do not enjoy cauliflower! The dish seemed dry … I think the coconut and seaweed would’ve helped the texture. But overall it wasn’t bad at all.

Soooo, I’m feeling a bit down. Thoughts are racing through my mind on what to do. I’m sure I could just do the diet again when I wean Cambria, but knowing the will power it takes to get through these last 15 days is a bit daunting. Sam and I are also concerned about introducing animal product back into our bodies – how sick are we going to feel!? Its a bit of a double edged sword right now. This experience has been something I’ll never forget, but the fat lady ain’t sung yet!! I’ll be here another day… at least!



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  1. * Carrie says:

    Don’t feel down! I think you have done an AMAZING job so far. You’ve been on a raw-vegan diet for 15 days! And that is quite a challenge and accomplishment in itself :)

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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