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Day 14

I survived Easter! It was tough, like really really tough, but I did it! Amongst the delicious ham, succulent turkey, cheesy potatoes, and cooked veggies – we had our smoothies.  And not fruit smoothies, our kale smoothies.  Which I made wrong – again!!

Remember last night when we added oranges when we weren’t supposed to, today I omitted them by accident! Seriously?! Our green smoothie today was a banana, a peeled orange, and kale. Those were the first ingredients on my menu. But I forgot to flip the page and read ’16oz’ (which is 5 whole oranges).  The smoothie tasted fine, for a kale smoothie, but would have been soooo much better with all that orange juice! Last night my mess up benefitted me, today it did NOT benefit me. Point for being a winner…

But back to the fact that I remained a vegan for an entire day during a holiday. Sam and I got up and ate our very large, very filling, fruit salad. We went to church and then headed to my parents. I asked Sam in the car if we were going to cheat.  He said no, but then at my parent’s house he was all about it! We kept smelling and inhaling all the wonderful food. We even put steamed broccoli on our plates. But, I didn’t eat it. I passed on rolls, I passed on deviled eggs. It was seriously excruciating! I wanted to eat it all. I haven’t even had a piece of Easter candy! (Yea, go me!) But when the table was clear, and the smoothies were long gone, I came across the leftover asparagus.

And I took one and ate it.

Did you gasp?!

Why the asparagus over the ham, I’m not sure. But I ate it. I suppose it was because it was a vegan choice.  I ate it, I tasted it, and I loved it. No guilt. I just did it! Then 10 minutes later, I’m not kidding you, I had a stomach ache! Karma? Gas from breakfast? I’ll never know… but it was delicious and I loved it.

Am I dissapointed I cheated and ate something cooked? No, I’m not. I have been raw vegan for 14 days for no other reason but to stretch myself and I felt like it. LoL.  That sounds almost childish outloud but that’s ok. Its done and over with.

All I know is I have 7 days left and I want to make the best of it. However, Sam made the tomato soup to take to work and he is already refusing to eat it. Something about he’d rather cut off a limb?? Dramatic.



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