This is my cookcabulary

Day 13


That is how I feel. Woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go. Breakfast was one cantaloupe blended with ice. It tasted just as it should, cantaloupe, but was super thick!! Almost like a milkshake. Sam hates cantaloupe so he chose to have fresh OJ and a banana smoothie.

I was anxious to get to lunch time so I could just finally chew my meal. It was a simple bed of greens with one avocado and a little fresh OJ for dressing. I did my usual seasoned salt garnish on the avocado and it really makes it so much more manageable for me! I almost … almost … enjoyed it. ALMOST … not fully. Just so were clear.

After lunch I was feeling good so I hit the gym, had a great workout and came home and snacked on a banana.

Dinner finally rolled around – a green ‘smoothie’. We juiced (per person) 3 apples, 3 cucumbers (I had 1), 1 red pepper, a bunch of kale, and 5 oranges. It made so much liquid! Sam juiced his apples and oranges together, drank that – and then left the veggies. I just poured all mine together, and when I tried it – I liked it! I told him that and he didn’t believe me so I made him try mine. He didn’t really have a comment … but as he was drinking mine, I noticed I had read the recipe wrong.

We weren’t supposed to use the oranges.

The oranges are for tomorrows green ‘smoothie’. Oops.

Just so happens that the combination of Sam using the oranges this morning, and using 10 more at dinner, completely wiped us out for tomorrow’s breakfast and dinner… joy!  So off I ran to Marsh to get more food for tomorrow and into next week – at 8:30 pm. I felt like everyone thought I was doing last-minute Easter dinner shopping, but I wasnt! Why that bothers me is beyond me. LoL.  So, I get home around 9pm and Sam is chopping fruit for our salad in the morning and I’m drinking the rest of my dinner. I started to feel super chatty and energetic, telling Sam they weren’t kidding in the menu literature about dinner boosting your energy. I didn’t understand why they would have us do it for dinner though, at the end of the day. He then told me, “Yea, but who is still eating their dinner at 9pm”. Oh yea … ha. So, here I am 10:11 and I am WIRED! I want to go running our something. I am sure the extra OJ in my juice is adding to the skip in my step. Woo buddy. Where was this drink last night when I wanted to quit?! I needed this energy days ago!

Oh well.

So, I am in a better place today. I refocused, and prayed last night for strength. Then, I lost another pound this morning, enjoyed my food all day, worked out … so – it was a good day! Tomorrow there might be some temptation and I am having a super easy time convincing myself if I want a nibble of ham I can have it, but I think Sam and I will keep each other in check. We want to cheat, but why. We can just eat whatever we want in another week.

Happy Easter my foodie friends! :)



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