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Day 12 – and I’m losing steam.

Yes, its true. The last 3 days have been a bit rough on me. Today I woke up with zero energy. I’m sure its due to the fact I really havent eaten since Wednesday, and only consumed liquids, but I’m just tired. Cambria and I did nothing today.  I tried to get her to take a nap with me on the couch, but she just wanted to be in her crib! I thought if we snoozed together I could get a nap in, but instead she slept in her crib, and I got 30 minutes of watching tv. Mind you, I keep watching the food network. Well, I watched it everyday, I just keep it on while I am home, but I can’t handle it anymore. Today I really wanted to quit and just EAT.  I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.

But the number one rule of this diet is to not beat yourself up, or so they say it is. So … I continue on. I think not of what I don’t have, or can’t eat, but what I have gained.

  • a new perspective on food: I DONT have to eat all day long. I can eat specific meals and be satisfied.
  • I can snack on nuts and fruit and be satisfied
  • I am losing weight
  • I feel better about myself postpartum
  • I’ve gone 12 days on a raw vegan cleanse
  • My headaches are better
  • I’ve helped inspire friends to do the cleanse as well and experience something new
  • More people are reading my blog! ;)

That is what keeps me going.

I had kind of envisioned more results, amazing energy and clarity, and a new outlook that would ban meat from my diet. But, hello. Have you seen the previous entries on this blog. I AM A FOODIE! This is no offense to any vegans, I now completely understand and respect their decision to eliminate animal products. But, I – I cannot live without them. You know how you watch a show on the food network and they describe the food as if they were in love. They see food as it is – flavorful, wonderful, satisfying, exciting! They see food as something they absolutely love to consume. It’s a bit hard to describe, but that’s how I feel! I want warm chili on a cold fall night, I want a hot dog at a baseball game, I want french fries and a milk shake on a friday night. I want it all. But I am learning to be conscious of what I want and why I want it. Am I bored? Am and I emotional? Am I really hungry? And where did this food come from? How was it prepared? With learning to ask these questions, I can lean more vegetarian, more vegan … maybe more raw on some days. I didn’t think I would truly give up meat, or animal products, I guess – let’s be honest … but I am learning how to respect both worlds and invite vegan lifestyles to visit mine. I just want to be healthy and set good examples for my kids, and be able to stay on this earth long enough to see them grow up. Too many of us are letting our health go and it’s not ok.

Anyway … I apparently had some venting to do tonight! Feels good to get that out there. So, day 12 and I’m struggling. But that’s ok.

Breakfast – more watermelon juice, this time half a giant watermelon. So, pretty much the same amount as last time.

Lunch – Coconut juice … half a beet juiced … and 6 carrots juiced. d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g. Ugh! I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m not a huge coconut fan as I mentioned last week, but comparing it to other things on this diet I’m fine with it. But combining it with carrots and beet … ugh, too much! Thankfully it was only one cup. I gulped it down as fast as I could – but … the gag returned to haunt me. I gagged once. I thought I had escaped such behavior – but no. I’m still getting grossed out.

Dinner – Almond milk. Only this time I actually soaked the almonds for 24 hours and peeled them. Sam helped, and at one point asked me if this is what we were really doing with out Friday night. Yup!! Sure looks like it. :) Another week and were home free.

Avocado is back on the menu tomorrow – and I am ready! Bring.It.On!


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  1. * Chucky says:

    I forgot who said it and where I watched it or read it but someone out there wisely noted that meat by itself tastes awful and bland. They challenged anyone to take one pound of their favorite meat (chicken, pork, beef, lamb, etc.) and put it into a huge pot with only water and boil it for over an hour at high temperature. No flavoring, herb or other outside influences used.

    They dared anyone to consume that meat and convince them it was tasty!

    The point? Meat by itself is bland and lacks taste. Its the sauces, herbs, vegetables, smoking, grilling, spices, etc. that make our favorite carnivore dishes so yummy.

    I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian seven months ago and have never turned back. I’ve experienced more delicious and diverse foods which I would have never tried during this time. The delicious and nutritious vegetarian foods that you seek are out there. You’ve got to look under a few pots and pans to find them.

    Try this. Google the name of your favorite dish except precede it with the work “vegetarian” and follow it with the word “recipe”. You will be amazed what is out here in the blogosphere.

    Is there a vegetarian restaurant near your home? Go to this web site and find out… I found some real gems in my hometown!

    Happy Earth Day!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      Hi “chucky”! I appreciate your comment, and I can agree! Meat with no seasoning would be gross!! I can actually visualize a vegetarian lifestyle, but I would miss my meat. But I think, above anything, I just miss warm, cooked food. I can’t be raw – that I know. But, I could be a mix of something else. Thanks for the suggestions!

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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