This is my cookcabulary

Day 11

All I’ve eaten today is 1 banana, almond milk, a blackberry smoothie and 23 peanuts (or so,  totally guessing).  I’m actually not really hungry either! Its like an erie calm has set in on my stomach. I tried to do all liquids, but I’m too concerned with my milk supply. Bananas are high in calories, as well as the nuts. Plus I get all the healthy fats from the nuts. Dinner… probably more almond milk and some fruit. I actually haven’t lost any weight in 4 days. Maybe I’m eating TOO many nuts, pistachios in particular. They are like candy to Sam and I! So salty and crunchy, decadence!  Odd that my taste buds now consider that a treat.

I, surprisingly,  felt energetic today so I took the dog and and Cambria for a walk. Cambria always giggles at Kalila walking and sniffing around. Totally cute.

I’ve noticed my (chronic) headaches have decreased. Not in frequency, but pain level. I spent all of 2009 in and out of my neurologist’s office being medicated. Even did an outpatient IV treatment.  All to no avail. So its always been on my mind that maybe its a food allergy. I had high hopes they’d disappear during the cleanse, but they haven’t. They don’t hurt as much, but I still have them everyday. I guess a good measure of comparison roll be how I feel after the cleanse and the reintroduction of dairy and meat! I’m still craving lots of meat and Stir Crazy (Chinese) is high on our list of places to eat post cleanse. It cracks me up though because we would both get the market fresh stir fry (make it yourself)…with tons of veggies. But, Sam pointed out that its cooked and covered in sauce! Oooh, warm, cooked food how I miss you!

One more “liquid” day then back to purees, salads, and chopped fruit! I would like to say that my husband is doing amazing. He’s lost like 12 lbs and did the water fast as best he could today! *insert applause*

Tomorrow we have a coconut beet carrot juice concoction… hm.



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