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Day 10

I’m dreamt I ate taco bell. LoL.  I’m so sorry if my cravings offend any real vegans out there, its just hard to quit something cold turkey!  I woke up thinking I ruined the entire diet, but then realized it was all fake! Phew!

I don’t have much to say about todays menu. Other than it took hours to drink all the liquid. Breakfast was 8 grapefruits juiced. Then lunch was an entire watermelon juiced. Yes, that’s a lot of liquid! Thanks to that I never had much time to get hungry. So the day wasnt too hard on me. Being that I’m nursing I did have a few handfuls of cashews. I meant to make almond milk for extra calories but I just never got to it.  Since tomorrow is supposed to be all water and I obviously can’t risk that for Cambria’s sake, ill make milk for tomorrow. So, if you ever do a liquid day – its totally attainable. Just drink ALOT!

Dinner was a simple orange, banana, and raspberry smoothie. Deeee-lish. Fresh Smoothies are so good!

I should note that I did not have much energy. While at the gym, I only did weights for about 20 minutes. I didn’t want to burn more calories than I consumed, again – for nursing reasons. It looks like any detox symptoms are long gone, so glad that was avoided. I honestly worried I’d be throwing up from a migraine day 4 or something!

Soooooo,  that’s about all I got.

Yea half way point!



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