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How do vegans get sufficient protein?

People ask how vegans, in general, and a nursing mother as myself get enough protein. Below in an excerpt I received in my email gabout day 9.

“Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko won numerous science awards for proving that dark leafy greens are the best protein for human consumption. The problem is that most people won’t eat dark leafy greens, whereas they will eat meat. So they are getting the protein second-hand from meat. Originally it comes from the grass that these animals eat, and so the most authentic, purest, closest-to-the-sun source for protein is dark leafy greens. When we eat animal proteins our body has to work hard to convert the long animal protein chains back in to usable amino acids with which to build long human protein chains. Eating animal protein is like eating second-hand protein, instead of new protein in the form of amino acids in the plants, ie raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Most people just don’t know how to eat these foods, which is where the raw food movement and programs like ours come in.”

Interesting. Do you agree? What do you think?


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