This is my cookcabulary

Day 9

I felt so vegan today. Drinking green juice out if my nalgene. Only, I bet nalgene bottles are full of BPA or something so it’s actually not cool anymore…

Breakfast was interesting. Much better than I thought it would be. I juiced 4 celery sticks, 2 apples, 1 lemon, a bunch of kale, and … 1 cucumber. Yes, I was a brave little lady. We were supposed to juice 2, I wanted 0, so 1 seemed like the adult thing to do. I was nervous about the first sip; would it taste like kale and cucumbers or apple and celery? Apple and celery!! I could smell the cucumber but not taste it. Even though the smell of it was horrendous to me, I powered through. Surprisingly,  the lemon covered alot of the robust tastes and allowed the sweetness in the apples to come out. I have always wanted to try a green juice/smoothie but never have. Well now I have,  and it was alright!

Lunch was a simple salad and avocado. I used orange juice, instead of lemon, as my dressing and it totally worked in my favor. I was at lunch with some girlfriends, so having them to chat with made it much easier to eat the avocado. The more I eat, the easier it gets too! Good thing there.

Then we had dinner.


I need to go back and see how many times I’ve used that word to describe my food in the last 9 days. Ha! Our dinner consisted of avocado, red pepper, celery, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice,  and kale. You might be be thinking that doesn’t found so bad. And I would agree, if you ate them separately. We, on the other hand, pureed it. Its totally the pureeing that’s grosses me out. Thick goop in a bowl. Sick. We decided no more pureeing. We’ll just eat the veggies whole.

So glad that’s over with.

Oh! Almost forgot! We did give Cambria a taste…she wanted more. What is going on here? How can our 6-1/2 month old baby LIKE what we 20-something adults hate. Ugh. I guess since she could do it it gave me just enough courage to do it myself.

So tomorrow is an all day liquid menu. Fine by me! I’m anxious to see how I feel, hunger wise. A lot if people tell me they’d starve on this diet but I’m amazed at how well my body had adapted. Yes I need a few snacks through the day, but the quantity of food is actually pretty filling. That could be partly due to high quantities of water I drink at each meal to chase it down too…



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