This is my cookcabulary

Day 8 continued

Super simple dinner: fresh squeezed OJ, berries, and a banana.

Its only simple if you consider 42oz simple. That’s a lot if smoothie but it was so so good! My poor fingers are getting tired of peeling a juicing citrus fruit – whew! Took 10 oranges to make both our dinners.

The smoothie was perfectly satisfying, however I am enjoying a snack of pistachios. I’ve come to obsess over these nuts. They have calories, good fat, and protein – all things I need. And the salt is scrumptious!  Such a treat to me. I could eat a whole bag in one day, maybe even one sitting!

Today’s food was so easy and yummy, I’m sad that its over because tomorrow we’ve got a kale green smoothie and avocado again. We just can’t escape them! But were gearing up for 3 days of liquid only!

Stay tuned my cookcabulites!!!



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