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Day 7

I cheated today…

I bought chocolate chip muffins for our life group tonight, but it ending up getting cancelled. Soooo, I put the muffins in a Ziploc bag to store in the freezer. Once they were all gone I noticed one tiny chocolate morsel all by it’s lonesome.

And I ate it!

Haha. But let me tell you about our afternoon. Its really not that big of a deal! We were at our friend’s daughter’s first birthday. Birthdays are the best, and here’s why. Pulled pork sandwiches, potato and pasta salad, cupcakes, ice cream…yum. but we didn’t have a bite of anything. Not one thing! Sam did snatch one single m&m that he presented to me in the car to eat. We joked about splitting it but then I told him to just throw it out the window!! He did. :) you might think it odd, but half an m&m sounded so good! He was fearful it would lead to a bigger cheat, and so on. Which is why I told him to throw it out! It’s all a slippery slope!

So nevermind my silly little chocolate chip. ;) I survived a birthday party!

Anyway, breakfast was yum as usual – OJ and mandarin juice.

Lunch, well lunch was terrible. It was the first meal on this cleanse that I could not eat. I took about 5 bites and gave up. I could not do it! Want to know why?


I loathe cucumber. I used to just not like it but then, while I was pregnant, it showed up on a Saladin  I ordered and I about died it smelled so gross. Since then, its purely disgusting.  So lunch consisted of cucumber, red pepper, garlic, and other herbs, pureed and then served with chopped avocado. What I ended up doing …. was eating the avocado by.the.spoonful. I know! Hooray me! I ate one whole avocado all by itself without one gag! I even sloppy chewed it in front of Sam to gross him out! I have come from eating avocado and throwing up in my mouth to just eating it (with a water chaser).  That’s improvement ladies and gentlemen!  Go me.

Dinner was uneventful. I bought more avocados for next weeks meals but they weren’t ripe enough to put on the salad we were having. We each ate about 3/4 of a bag of lettuce and I chopped up strawberries and sprinkled cashews on it. I guess we lucked out on the avocados. ;)

So, that’s that kids – one week down! I’m really proud Sam and I have stuck with it! I’ve looked over the recipes the next two weeks and am excited! This week we gear up for a water fasting day and two liquid only days. Based on my nursing situation I’m still playing with what to do, but rest assured … ill be here to tell you about it!



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