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Day 6

I now know that I can peel 20 mandarin oranges fast than 5 grapefruits.

Sam and I have decided that, for the summer, we are going to try one raw day, and one day when we eat fish during the week. That mean he has to try Salmon, and I have to eat something other than salmon.  This diet has been hard on us both, we are such meat and potato folk!  But I really think we like the benefits were feeling and understand the health aspect as well.  Tomorrow marks 7 days down, one week, 1/3 of the way there! If we can do this week, the next two will be even easier!

As you might have assumed, breakfast today was mandarin juice. I would have never thought to juice up those little guys, but I loved it! I may have to borrow mom’s juicer indefinitely…

Sam got creative with lunch. Today it was a simple salad of watercress and avocado. Were supposed to add tomato as well, but I just couldn’t do it! I sliced the avocado so it was chunky, and then Sam dashed some seasoned salt on it! Not much, but just a touch. It made a WORLD of difference. We didn’t plug our noses once! I joked about how we might even like avocado by the end of this … YEA RIGHT! The watercress was our favorite leafy green that we’ve had all week. But tomorrow’s dinner is another salad and I got bagged lettuce – which is mostly romaine, thankfully!

Dinner was a bit of a treat – pineapple, carrot, and cabbage. unfortunately for Sam, he got the short end of the stick, or so he thought. The recipe said to grate the pineapple, so I tried … fail, it was just goopy. Then Sam wanted me to put it in the food processor – but that just turned it into a puree. Then I added his carrots but they were so small I had to use the tiny grater. So his was a bit soupy with itty bitty carrot bits and cabbage (which is not easy to grate either).  It obviously didn’t bother him because he inhaled the entire bowl before I was done plating mine! I decided to finely chop my pineapple so I could chew it and grate my carrots on a larger grate. Yummo! Sam took a bite of mine and thought the chopped pineapple completely changed the flavor.  But, towards the end of my meal my tongue went entirely raw and it stung when i took a bite, so I didn’t get to eat it all.

Probably why they wanted you to grate it – chewing pineapple makes your mouth raw.

Not feeling and withdrawal or detox symptoms. The diet claims the meals this week ease you off a standard american diet so you don’t feel withdrawal. So far, I believe them. But, I like to tell myself I wasn’t that horrible eater to begin with so detox wouldn’t be that bad for me … ha! ;)

But I did have to pray for some super strength today. I’ve been thinking of all the foods I REALLLLY want to eat now – specifically; fries, pizza, diet coke, butterfinger, sea salt and vinegar kettle chips, jimmy johns, and toast with butter. It takes a lot of will power to not go and get these when you are out running errands. Even the check out at Home Good had candy that I wanted! And who buys food at home goods? Desperate people! At times I feel desperate, but all cheats have been avoided. I will admit we munch on pistachios and fruit when were hungry, but I think that’s totally ok for the cleanse … right? SO yea, praying for strength to not cheat has become something I am doing often! So know that I am not perfect, the desire is there to cheat. But I just think cheating is a waste of hard work, and hopefully those foods will be unappealing at the end of this. . . no, that wont happen. But I do think i will lose my lust and gluttony for crap food. I really do! You just have to get over the hump of being addicted to all those terrible foods, and that’s what I anticipate.

All in all, a pretty good day. Tomorrow, avocado is in both lunch a dinner and I’m anxious to see how we handle it …


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