This is my cookcabulary

Day 5

Hey oh! 5 days down and 5lbs lighter! A bit more than I wanted at this point, but I am sure with all my bathroom trips it’s pure water weight! :) 2 more days then all the fruit my little heart desires!

Breakfast was 5 oranges and 5 grapefruits juiced. Yummy!  However, as you will see in the picture, I had nothing to put it all in other than a pitcher! It was deee-lish though. *guess I lied, can’t find the picture*

Lunch was light – almond milk. It surprisingly fills me up.

While drinking my lunch, I was at the mall with some mommy friends and our babes. While I  consumed liquid for lunch, they all enjoyed chik-fil-a. Ooooh the fries smelled so good! I’ve been thinking of crap food I want to eat first and so far its French fries (my ultimate guitly pleasure) and pizza! Sam said if we ordered pizza tonight he’d even eat a gluten-filled one!! That would make him feel so bad, and that’s what I told him. I’m not ruining 5 days of hard work in one night! ….maybe in 16 days though!? Ooh, I miss cooking food!

So, dinner….bok choy and avocado. To avoid any vomiting in my mouth I decided to slice the avocado instead of mash it. I just thought this way I could get it down faster and avoid all the mush.

It totally worked.

But the salt and other light seasonings probably did too.

I figured out how to wrap the ‘cado in the leaves so when you chewed it you couldn’t feel it! Ha! Me so smart. I had a couple ‘slips’ and felt momentary avocado on my tongue, which made me gag, but they were minor.

No working out today, just walking the mall I guess. Energy is good. Oh, ya know what.

I’m already sleeping better.

Yea, the last two night I haven’t really woken up! Its been great. Today I felt a bit more rested than usual, but I also didn’t get up at 5, like I have been, to pump. Cleansing your body allows you to really rest I  guess? Which I can believe! You’re body is capable of sleep without the gunk or toxins to interfere. Your brain can relax as your body works in harmony. Just seems logical to me. 

All I got for now friends. Thanks for reading and sending me comments – good to know I’m not talking to myself. ;)



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