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Raw vegan cleanse: Day 4

Fighting through cravings today. It seems my body is puting in its last effort to get me to cheat. I can only hope that cravings diminish as my body adapts to the new food its receiving. But let be tell you something, while at Walgreens, it took all I had not to get a Reese’s peanut butter egg! Those are so my guilty pleasure, but I just walked by them today….they probably felt so rejected, but our time will come again, that I know! ;)

This morning started great, a delicious fruit smoothie. Before hitting the gym, I made lunch. It was a sunflower seed paté of sorts. I germinated them in water and blended with lemon juice, herbs, olive oil and a little ginger. The serving was small compared to what we’ve been eating, but it wasn’t that bad! It only took about 10 or so minutes to finish (which is totally a record for the week). I got Cambria settled in the child center and hit the treadmills. At first I thought I’d just do 10-15 minutes then hop on an elliptical, but 5 minutes in I felt awesome!  I jacked up the incline, turned up the speed and cruised for a mile and a half. Then I cranked the speed up more and ran a half mile in like 4 minutes. Ok, to you this may seem easy but let me ask you this. Did you push a baby out of your body after carrying it on top of your hips for 39 weeks just 6 months ago? H’m? Your body after a baby is so not the same and it can be challenging to make it move like it did before (without feeling like its going to buckle under you). So, I’m proud of my two miles! :) I wanted and felt like I could run more, but knew my body wasn’t ready to be pushed that much, so 2 miles was where I cooled down. Then I hit the weights and my super woman high continued!  It was so sweet. I had never felt energy like this before!!

Fast forward about 4 hours – I completely crashed. Literally, I fell in my bed and napped.  When I awoke I realized I hadn’t eaten in about 5 hours. So while the energy was stellar, I was unable to sustain it. I quickly grabbed a handful of almonds and chugged 32oz of water. Much better.

Now for dinner. Grated zucchini with tomato and date sauce. Taste wise, not bad. Consistency wise, slimy as all get out. This meal required the nose plugging water chasing sequence. Not a fan of that maneuver.  But, it gets the job done. I, once again, choked it down. I turned to Sam and said, “It’s really tiring to constantly not like the food were eating”. 

Sooooo, that’s where I’m at. A bit tired, a bit hungry, but staying focused. Bring on day 5. That’s one day closer to all the fruit I get to eat in week 2.



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