This is my cookcabulary

Dinner was fantastic

As I was slicing apples for dinner, I popped a bite into my mouth.

It was heaven.

I haven’t had sugar in 3 days, but the taste of sweet, crunchy, juicy apple was stellar. Its amazing how clean my palette is already! I was so happy to eat fruit!

The recipe is called apple pie. For a deeper cleanse you can do cherries but I like apples more. The “crust” is an almond and date puree and the “filling” is apple and dates. It’s all blended and its all good! When I took my first bite … it was so sweet! Completely satisfying. The portion was enormous but I managed all but about 3 bites.

And, honestly, about halfway through I got a headache. I wondered if it was a reaction to the fruit? There’s a good dose of sugar in both dates and apples. I still have one now but I’m getting very tired so that could be it too.

I think any meat eater would like this alternative dish. But I find it amazing how satisfying this was and what a treat it felt like. I’m slowly kicking back to the ‘food is fuel’ slogan of ’09. 

But, temptation still arises. While getting out of my car at the grocery I inhaled an aromatic so stimulating I almost tripped over the curb I was stepping onto. Panda Express. I dont even eat there on a regular basis but I wanted it, I needed it! “No, no I don’t need it. It’s fake fake food.” I’ve been spending time thinking about what I’m eating. How its straight from the ground, vine, tree… where does orange chicken come from?  A machine! The food I’ve been consuming the last three days is real, God given, natural food. And that’d what keeps me from cheating. My body, while going through adaptions, is loving the fuel I’m giving it. But while this notion is true, do I believe it enough to avoid the crap? I can’t seem to kick the thought of “what will I eat on day 22?”

Only time will tell.



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