This is my cookcabulary

Celery and coconut

This morning I woke up so excited to have a simple banana and OJ smoothie! Nothing starts your day off better than fresh squeezed OJ,  seriously! I felt good this morning, although I’m still waiting for the ‘spring out of bed’ feeling. Apparently whoever said that didn’t have a 6 month old!

Lunch today was actually decent! The serving was huge so I didn’t eat it all, but guess what. NO gagging! I was so excited I was getting a meal I could digest. Its called celery chowder and contains celery, Brazil nuts, coconut and a few other small ingredients. Normally I don’t like coconut, but after the last two days it didn’t taste so bad!

I was making it last night for Sam to take to work and getting the meat out of the coconut took some time! We were able to drain it easily, but ended up on the driveway with a hammer cracking it open!  Then once we got it open I had to Google how to get the meat out. Quite the ordeal if you ask me. Oh, then I used my food processor … SO incredibly loud. My baby is a light sleeper so this is not what I  had in mind after she had gone down. But, she didn’t wake, so good thing there! Ha….but then today when I made my batch…I made it smoke! I have no idea why, but the part where the lid meets the blade got overheated and melt!  It still works…but who knows for how long. Guess those hot little Brazilian nuts are too much for the processor!

Side note: Monday I soaked almonds in water for 24 hours and started to peel them yesterday. However, I got distracted (surprise surprise) and didn’t finish them and now they wont peel well. That’s annoying. They’re for the almond milk, but I have pre-peeled almonds I bought for ease – guess which ones ill be using from now on :)

Oh yea, so I checked out the workout videos, ha! I am not doing them. They’re all about marching in place, high knees, and all that easy stuff. I’m not a professional worker-outer, but that video will do nothing for me. I have a great weight lifting routine from last year so I’m sticking to that. The videos are great for beginners,  but if you have a set routine already – use it.

So, I’m really glad lunch was not an avocado. I had been doing some serious praying the last two days, there was just simply no other way I could get through it. Today has been nice so far, I’ve been able to enjoy how I feel and my food rather than be anxious for the next meal.  Tomorrow though…I think its bok choy and guacamole….

Back tonight after dinner!



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  1. * Michelle says:

    Meowwwwwwwww! All of this sound so amazing and scary at the same time! Big, número UNO question….how do you prevent not gainging back everything you lost? What’s the official name of cleanse? How did you first hear about it? Congrats on your strength, thats amazing!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 3 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      Its provided by and its their 21 day raw vegan cleanse. I would bet the only way to truly keep it off it to either stay raw or vegan. I’m only doing this to get back down to pre-pregnancy weight, kick my sweet tooth, and try something outside my comfort zone. Sam and I already want to incorporate some of this lifestyle into ours, but well see how we feel after the 21 days. I’m sure ill gain some bck, but I’d rather gain some back starting from where I should be, then be stuck where I am and trying to get lower. I don’t know – we’ll see! :)

      | Reply Posted 7 years, 3 months ago
      • * Alexis says:

        Oh, and my gf from high-school told me who got it from her vegan chef friend (who is also nursing, which helped my decision).

        Posted 7 years, 3 months ago

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