This is my cookcabulary

Cleansing day

Juicing 8 grapefruits takes time. Especially when you have to make two batches of 8…

My hand juicer is super tiny so I cut and peeled all 8 grapefruits to juice in the fancy juicer I got from my mom. Its a bit old, but totally gets the job done. I’m not kidding when I say it takes time, I think it took like 25+ minutes just for 1 batch. All I know is that I was 30 minutes late to my play date group today.

I do have to say I woke up a bit irritated today, at myself. Sam is on crutches and needs help so I try to pack his lunches the night before. I made his salad, shredded the veggies, chopped celery, and mixed his dressing together. All set right? Wrong! I got up early before he did to pump and saw the salad sitting on the counter. It had been there all night and was now mocking me…grrr. I just stared at it for a few moments, pretending it wasn’t real. But I came back to reality and went to tell Sam what happened. He actually sounded relieved (don’t blame him) and told me to not worry and just go back to bed. So I did! He was going out to lunch at work and just grabbed a salad there. But still – all my time, wasted!!

But anyway – want to know how much juice I had to drink….48oz! That’s a lot!! It actually tastes good, but it is tart. So after a while you get kind of sick of drinking it. Ok, breakfast – done.

Lunch….more blasted avocados. Luckily it was in a salad and I got to eat as many veggies as I wanted. So, I cut up like 3 stalks of celery hoping the crunch would offset the avocado mush. It did! But not enough…I gagged twice. I wondered how else I could get it down and quickly thought of how I would do this if I was, oh say, 8?

“I’ll plug my nose”

Genius! I ate all of my salad and half an avocado! I was supposed to eat a whole avocado but I simply refused. I fed the rest to Cambria.

At least someone is enjoying this.

I’m feeling good though. Still snacking on fruits, nuts, and almond milk to keep calories up. TMI alert – grapefruit is cleansing. I’m staying home the rest of today, ha. I do have a strong headache but since I literally get them everyday I can’t distinguish if its withdrawal, hunger, normal, or all the above. I was telling the girls at group today that I, oddly, feel clean. I didn’t think it could happen in one day – but I genuinely feel good! I’m so anxious to see how it progresses. Although its water weights, I’m down 2 lbs. That’s a bit faster than I had hoped so I’ll snack more today.

Cambria is down for her afternoon nap so I’m gonna check out this workout video…



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