This is my cookcabulary

Day 1 can be over now

Well, apparently I don’t like guacamole either! I only started eating it a couple years ago (whaaat!? I’m pick-e!), but I guess when its paired with tortilla chips and salsa its guaranteed to be delicious. I’m really trying here, but gagging down my food is seriously gross and annoying.

The jicama was tolerable. Its a root vegetable. Very crunchy, watery, and radish like. It has a tinge of sweetness, although I thought it would be more. I would eat it again I suppose!

I know its weird that I don’t like guacamole, and I am sure this dish sound great to some of you. But – not me apparently.

Now that today’s meals are over I feel fine, but I really thought I would enjoy the food a bit more. I knew week 1 would be a challenge but I didn’t envision this much of a challenge. Because it takes me so long to choke down my meals,  I’m surprisingly not hungry. But, I know my calories have been severely cut and it worries me slightly since I am still nursing. I snacked on some high calorie foods, but I know I need to eat more avocados. They’re the best source of fat and calories for me. However, like I’ve noted, I officially hate avocados.

I completely forgot to workout today too. The program comes with daily workouts and I spaced it. Too busy gagging on avocados I guess.

So in all, day 1 was … honestly … awful. I have looked ahead at next week and the meals look soooo much better so I just have to get through this week. Tomorrow night – kale and salsa wraps…. joy.



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