This is my cookcabulary

Day 20

One more day, although today probably doesn’t count to some of you lol.

I started the day off with a Pure bar.  Sam and I are thinking of buying them by the box, we love them! Definitely a new staple in our diet.  I was headed to the shower I mentioned yesterday and assumed I could eat more fruit and veggies. Lesson learned, never assume. All that was available to eat was potato cassarole (probably had cream soup in it), muffins, deviled eggs, and a Waldorf salad of sorts. I ended up eating a spoonful of the salad since it was fruit, but I had no idea what was in the dressing so I didn’t want to eat much.  There wasnt any cake or sweets so that was good! Once the shower was over Sam picked me up with fruit and Pure bars in hand. Knight and shining armor he is! A few hours later when we headed home we got a salad. We loaded it with veggies and put Italian dressing on it. We waited to eat until we got home, but when I took that first bite….

…it was heaven.

Real dressing makes all the difference! Oh! So good! Later for dinner Sam and I just COULD NOT take it any more. Tonight I was going to cook!!! We want to remain vegan so I made tomato sauce from scratch. My oh my did it feel good to turn on the stove, pour oil on the pan, sauteé some onions and cook something! My house finally smelled of warm comforting food! After simmering a couple hours we put it on spaghetti. I ate every bite with an entirely different attitude. I smelled every bite, I tasted each herb flavor, I chewed slower … I treasured my food! We may have taken a left turn the last two days of my cleanse and I couldn’t be happier!

Wonder what the scale will say tomorrow though. Ha! One more day and I’ll share my final stats!



Day 19

I had a sweet one liner to open my blog tonight … but I totally forgot it! Bummer.

The raw cleanse wanted me to eat ambrosia for breakfast (macadamia nuts, dates, strawberries, coconut juice and a few other things I’m forgetting). It actually sounded good to me but I never bought macadamias! Then lunch was a cucumber dill salad (we all know how I feel about that). And dinner was almond milk, which I did. 

My menu today was a banana and pure bar for breakfast. I snacked on hummus and vegetable crackers (organic and dairy free) mid afternoon.

The crackers Yum.

Lunch was an avocado salad,  I know. Shocking. I sent Sam a text, “Why am I willingly eating avocado”?  Guess I realize how good it us for me.  Snacked later on a bit more hummus and another pure bar. And dinner was the almond milk like I mentioned. Good day.

Have I told you about dance central?! My gym is closed for renovations this week, so every day I’ve been dancing for like 40+ minutes. Serious workout friends. Yesterday I got a legendary status on Rihanna’s Pon de Replay. That’s 5/5 stars and 97% accuracy. Sure it was on easy, but I did it! I average about 75% accuracy, so I’m a bit of a big deal. ;) Battle me anytime playa! Good workout though, in all seriousness.

Tomorrow I have my sister in laws bridal shower. I will not be eating any sugar, and will remain vegan, but I’m sure it will be a challenge. However, I can tell my sweet tooth is diminishing.  I can feel myself have enough will power to say no, which is great! Its been awhile since I’ve felt that!

See ya tomorrow!


Day 18

Thursday. Day 18.

Breakfast – fruit salad of a banana and apple.

Lunch – Banana cream pie. Delish! A combination of banana, dried coconut, honey, lemon juice, and oil. The only problem was that it wasn’t enough food! I was hungry all afternoon. I thought I wouldn’t like this dish because of the coconut but its flavor wasn’t strong so it didn’t bother me – yay! I’d totally make this on the nights that you need something a little sweet post dinner. Great healthy alternative too.  To curb my growling stomach I had a Pure bar and humus later this afternoon. 

And for dinner – an alternate meal. Strawberry banana smoothie. The menu wanted us to have sushi nut rolls. But I was not about to eat seaweed…lol

With that said I think tomorrow is our last raw vegan day. Were finding we keep changing the menu and with my milk supply freak out Monday night I really want to get back to where I was prior to the cleanse. So, we will stay vegan through Sunday, but allowing non-raw food. For example, I’d really enjoy pita bread or something other than celery to dip in my garlic humus. There is something about carbohydrates and humus that seems perfect for my taste buds, but I want to stay dairy free for a bit, so I’ll figure it out. We also have leftover kale, maybe I will sauté that and see what it tastes like.

I think it will be good for us to have the weekend to transition into a more regular diet. We’ve both had amazing results and I feel like I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted out of this cleanse. Its stretched me outside my box, and for that I am thankful – my sweet tooth can now be safely put in control, not having sugar for 3 weeks will do it to ya! I’ve lost weight. I’ve eaten food I wouldn’t have normally tried. I’ve felt the effects of truly energizing food and feeling clean and well. I’ve also gagged more times than I can count, wanted to cheat, wanted to give up – but through it all remained strong. And it was for no other reason then to prove to myself I could take on this challenge. And really, isn’t that all that matters, acknowledging and achieving my success!?

Thanks everyone for the support, comments, and reading my blog so far! Know that if I can do this cleanse, and if my steak and potato loving husband can do this cleanse, anyone can!!

Day 17

For those that keep asking for info on the cleanse – you can sign up on  If I was greedy I’d let you pay me half and I would send you the info, but I am pretty sure that’s illegal some way or another. Check it out though! :)

Today was a good day! I had a sliced banana with raspberries for breakfast, followed by one of the Pure bars I shared with you all yesterday.

Lunch was supposed to be “Tacos” … FAR FROM IT! There we like 13 ingredients and 9 steps and Sam and I were just not down with the process. So we made the green smoothie. I got a second chance! This time I DID add the extra 16 oz. of OJ and it made a huge difference. You could actually drink it, not slurp it like a thick mud. I think I could actually get really used to green smoothies. The banana really covers the taste of the Kale rather well! It fills me up, and gives me energy!  Only, I leave out the romaine lettuce. I should probably try it with the lettuce, for comparison, but with all the Kale, I really don’t think I need more nutrients! Plus the Kale helps with my lactation. You wanted to know that hu? :)

Dinner was also another substitute of sorts. Kale subs were on the menu for this evening, but I just can’t eat Kale raw. It’s too … I don’t know, thick and bitter? I substituted iceberg lettuce which has like zero nutritional content. Kale is so much better as far as that goes, but the taste is just no fun for me! I chopped up tomato (super tiny so I could eat it), avocado and sprinkled cilantro and italian seasoning into the lettuce wraps. Light, healthy, and not too shabby! As I’ve been mentioning, I’m pretty used to the avocado but am still chasing it with water. I know, real mature.  Later I ate some pistachios and another Pure bar.

Overall, Sam and I are really, just – over – the cleanse. He’s lost 14 lbs, I’ve lost 8 so far. Which … lets digress for a moment … is so much less than I thought I would lose. When I started this cleanse I only wanted to lose 10, but feared I would lose more due to the limited calorie intake. So, the first week I lose 6, which I was stoked about, but worried I was going to lose too much to fast, affecting my milk supply. And here I am now, losing the same pound over and over. I honestly think its because I am eating so many nuts. The salt is probably making me retain water weight or something. My bad. I wanted to lose a lot, but I didn’t because of nursing – it was a fence I was walking.  But, I do have to say – those 8 pounds have brought me back down to a weight I am usually in. I think it’s a bit heavy for me, personally, but normal none the less. I can fit into all my clothes, and my post pregnancy muffin top is losing its muffin. Yea! I need to do a lot of toning on the midsection, but the pounds I’ve lost in the last 17 days have really made me feel like I can get my body back.

But where were we? Oh yea, being over the cleanse. Yea. Sam and I are just tired of it. I think, surprisingly, the cravings have leveled and it’s really not about wanting meat anymore.  Im tired of it because the food prep is long, the cost is high (touch on that in a sec), and I’m getting bored with the dinners. Sorry but its the truth!  I will reflect more on the diet when I post my last blog on day 21 but I am definitely counting down the days for day 21.

So now that I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) there have been a few sacrifices we’ve made and we are budget budget budget people! This diet, for those that want to try it and can be prepared, is costing an upwards of $150/week for two people. For some of you that’s not a big deal, but for Sam and I that’s our monthly allowance for the entire month, just about anyway. Being this cleanse started on day 11 of the month, I had already spent some cash to get us through to the 11th. Soooo, its been fun seeing our budget just go out the window this month…sike. However, I thought of it this way. First, its only 21 days. That wont bankrupt anyone. Second, you have meals for 21 days; that’s snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Which is great, because on top of our monthly allowance for groceries, we still spend money on lunches or dinners that we have out of the house. I’m not really sure where I am going with this (why Im spilling my financials online beats me) … but I think my point is that I am ready to get back on track with our budget and stop freaking out every time I run to Costco (which is like every 4 days) to get oranges, almonds, and avocados in bulk.  

Thats probably enough for tonight. Tomorrow for lunch we are having a lemon pie. Can’t wait to try it.

PS. Love how the diet creator titles the meals…so misleading!

Day 16

Were continuing the diet! I will not quit!

I woke up this morning totally bummed out. I made my banana OJ smoothie and figured I’d be eating a potato or something by dinner. When I arrived at support group, we played a while and then I took C to weigh-in. 14lbs 13.1oz! That is a 10 oz. weight gain from last week!! For those that don’t have children – that is what we call a growth spurt! :) Sooooo, she was getting enough food all week. This is where us mamas sigh a huge sigh of relief and reflect, for one moment, on our hard work. Its instant gratification! I then nursed Cambria and weighed her again to see how much she had eaten – close to  4 oz. Which is good again! I was feeling confident all my worries last night were just that, worries. So I talked to my lactation consultant and she told me I just need to up my protein. Thats all. She mentioned kale, tahini, beans, nuts and even protein bars … all things I knew and was familiar with. After group I headed to Meijer to see what I could find. And guess what – I found Raw Vegan protein bars! Score! Oh, we also went to lunch in the cafeteria right after class and I snagged some Garlic humus.

Needless to say, I was and am a happy camper. However … I will be honest. I TOTALLY cheated. The humus came with cute little pretzel crackers and I just couldn’t resist. I had about 4 dipped in humus. I was puuuure heaven! I realized I was going own a slippery slope though and quickly grabbed some lettuce out of the fridge (all my veggies are gone!) So, I ate some lettuce leaves and humus and then tried my Apple Cinnamon bar. It was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. You know when I type words in that way I’m serious! So good! I have a blueberry, chocolate brownie, and an orange cranberry flavor. I might eat them all day they’re so good. At $1.69 a piece, I think I found a new guilty pleasure! Love it!

So, in addition to my smoothie this morning, humus, and bar, I also drank my almond milk. Tonight’s dinner is a celery and avocado soup, but … the celery went bad so I’m not sure what we will do. Sam is off to the doc (well currently he is trying to save our neighbors house from flooding – they sprung a leak) so I hope he can swing by the store to pick up a few items before it gets to be too late. Dinner is that whole puree issue again. I would really just rather eat avocado slices on celery sticks, but I’m sure the pureeing helps it digest easier. So, I’m not sure HOW we will eat it, but we will eat it.

So, the diet will go on as planned through Sunday. I will most likely break the raw rule and eat some of the canned beans I have in the pantry, but I WILL remain VEGAN!  I just remembered we have a whole bag of beans to make 7 bean soup. Off to google land to figure that one out – I think I can just soak them!  I’m so glad I didn’t throw the towel in last night and ruin any chance of going on.

The countdown continues – 5 more days!

Day 15

Its the last week, and I don’t know if I’m going to make it. Without going in to too much detail, I fear my milk supply is being affected … and not in a good way.

Those of you that nurse know the time, dedication, and commitment it takes. Losing a few more pounds is not worth the benefits my daughter receives from the best food available to her. I’ve made a few changes to my activities to help stimulate more Lactation, but I worry its purely a nutritional lack. Tomorrow I go to my weekly breastfeeding support group so I can talk with my lactation consultant then. I really want to finish this challenge I set out to do, but again, it’s not worth this price. I will have made my decision by tomorrow on if I will continue or not.

I know… sad face.

But let me tell you what was on deck for food today.

Breakfast was a small, but satisfying, fruit salad.

Lunch was to be a tomato soup. It consisted of tomatoes, honey, apple cider vinegar, oregano, olive oil and chives all pureed together. Sam refused to eat it so I tried what he made. Verrrry tomato-y!! I could taste the honey and vinegar and thought that if I liked tomatoes this would be delicious! But alas, it was grosssss!

The diet creator emails us everyday and told us to use our knowledge if we chose not to eat the predetetmined meals. Feeling the freedom, I ate something else. It wasn’t creative, but its what was fresh. I chose a red pepper, carrots, banana, and some peanuts. Eaten separately of course!

Dinner was interesting. I couldn’t find coconuts or seaweed at the store when I went, so we had to leave those ingredients out. But we processed broccoli and cauliflower to make a cous cous like consistency, added olive oil and lemon juice, then finished with avocado. I’ve learned to tolerate the avocado, but I do not enjoy cauliflower! The dish seemed dry … I think the coconut and seaweed would’ve helped the texture. But overall it wasn’t bad at all.

Soooo, I’m feeling a bit down. Thoughts are racing through my mind on what to do. I’m sure I could just do the diet again when I wean Cambria, but knowing the will power it takes to get through these last 15 days is a bit daunting. Sam and I are also concerned about introducing animal product back into our bodies – how sick are we going to feel!? Its a bit of a double edged sword right now. This experience has been something I’ll never forget, but the fat lady ain’t sung yet!! I’ll be here another day… at least!


Day 14

I survived Easter! It was tough, like really really tough, but I did it! Amongst the delicious ham, succulent turkey, cheesy potatoes, and cooked veggies – we had our smoothies.  And not fruit smoothies, our kale smoothies.  Which I made wrong – again!!

Remember last night when we added oranges when we weren’t supposed to, today I omitted them by accident! Seriously?! Our green smoothie today was a banana, a peeled orange, and kale. Those were the first ingredients on my menu. But I forgot to flip the page and read ’16oz’ (which is 5 whole oranges).  The smoothie tasted fine, for a kale smoothie, but would have been soooo much better with all that orange juice! Last night my mess up benefitted me, today it did NOT benefit me. Point for being a winner…

But back to the fact that I remained a vegan for an entire day during a holiday. Sam and I got up and ate our very large, very filling, fruit salad. We went to church and then headed to my parents. I asked Sam in the car if we were going to cheat.  He said no, but then at my parent’s house he was all about it! We kept smelling and inhaling all the wonderful food. We even put steamed broccoli on our plates. But, I didn’t eat it. I passed on rolls, I passed on deviled eggs. It was seriously excruciating! I wanted to eat it all. I haven’t even had a piece of Easter candy! (Yea, go me!) But when the table was clear, and the smoothies were long gone, I came across the leftover asparagus.

And I took one and ate it.

Did you gasp?!

Why the asparagus over the ham, I’m not sure. But I ate it. I suppose it was because it was a vegan choice.  I ate it, I tasted it, and I loved it. No guilt. I just did it! Then 10 minutes later, I’m not kidding you, I had a stomach ache! Karma? Gas from breakfast? I’ll never know… but it was delicious and I loved it.

Am I dissapointed I cheated and ate something cooked? No, I’m not. I have been raw vegan for 14 days for no other reason but to stretch myself and I felt like it. LoL.  That sounds almost childish outloud but that’s ok. Its done and over with.

All I know is I have 7 days left and I want to make the best of it. However, Sam made the tomato soup to take to work and he is already refusing to eat it. Something about he’d rather cut off a limb?? Dramatic.


Day 13


That is how I feel. Woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go. Breakfast was one cantaloupe blended with ice. It tasted just as it should, cantaloupe, but was super thick!! Almost like a milkshake. Sam hates cantaloupe so he chose to have fresh OJ and a banana smoothie.

I was anxious to get to lunch time so I could just finally chew my meal. It was a simple bed of greens with one avocado and a little fresh OJ for dressing. I did my usual seasoned salt garnish on the avocado and it really makes it so much more manageable for me! I almost … almost … enjoyed it. ALMOST … not fully. Just so were clear.

After lunch I was feeling good so I hit the gym, had a great workout and came home and snacked on a banana.

Dinner finally rolled around – a green ‘smoothie’. We juiced (per person) 3 apples, 3 cucumbers (I had 1), 1 red pepper, a bunch of kale, and 5 oranges. It made so much liquid! Sam juiced his apples and oranges together, drank that – and then left the veggies. I just poured all mine together, and when I tried it – I liked it! I told him that and he didn’t believe me so I made him try mine. He didn’t really have a comment … but as he was drinking mine, I noticed I had read the recipe wrong.

We weren’t supposed to use the oranges.

The oranges are for tomorrows green ‘smoothie’. Oops.

Just so happens that the combination of Sam using the oranges this morning, and using 10 more at dinner, completely wiped us out for tomorrow’s breakfast and dinner… joy!  So off I ran to Marsh to get more food for tomorrow and into next week – at 8:30 pm. I felt like everyone thought I was doing last-minute Easter dinner shopping, but I wasnt! Why that bothers me is beyond me. LoL.  So, I get home around 9pm and Sam is chopping fruit for our salad in the morning and I’m drinking the rest of my dinner. I started to feel super chatty and energetic, telling Sam they weren’t kidding in the menu literature about dinner boosting your energy. I didn’t understand why they would have us do it for dinner though, at the end of the day. He then told me, “Yea, but who is still eating their dinner at 9pm”. Oh yea … ha. So, here I am 10:11 and I am WIRED! I want to go running our something. I am sure the extra OJ in my juice is adding to the skip in my step. Woo buddy. Where was this drink last night when I wanted to quit?! I needed this energy days ago!

Oh well.

So, I am in a better place today. I refocused, and prayed last night for strength. Then, I lost another pound this morning, enjoyed my food all day, worked out … so – it was a good day! Tomorrow there might be some temptation and I am having a super easy time convincing myself if I want a nibble of ham I can have it, but I think Sam and I will keep each other in check. We want to cheat, but why. We can just eat whatever we want in another week.

Happy Easter my foodie friends! :)


Day 12 – and I’m losing steam.

Yes, its true. The last 3 days have been a bit rough on me. Today I woke up with zero energy. I’m sure its due to the fact I really havent eaten since Wednesday, and only consumed liquids, but I’m just tired. Cambria and I did nothing today.  I tried to get her to take a nap with me on the couch, but she just wanted to be in her crib! I thought if we snoozed together I could get a nap in, but instead she slept in her crib, and I got 30 minutes of watching tv. Mind you, I keep watching the food network. Well, I watched it everyday, I just keep it on while I am home, but I can’t handle it anymore. Today I really wanted to quit and just EAT.  I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.

But the number one rule of this diet is to not beat yourself up, or so they say it is. So … I continue on. I think not of what I don’t have, or can’t eat, but what I have gained.

  • a new perspective on food: I DONT have to eat all day long. I can eat specific meals and be satisfied.
  • I can snack on nuts and fruit and be satisfied
  • I am losing weight
  • I feel better about myself postpartum
  • I’ve gone 12 days on a raw vegan cleanse
  • My headaches are better
  • I’ve helped inspire friends to do the cleanse as well and experience something new
  • More people are reading my blog! ;)

That is what keeps me going.

I had kind of envisioned more results, amazing energy and clarity, and a new outlook that would ban meat from my diet. But, hello. Have you seen the previous entries on this blog. I AM A FOODIE! This is no offense to any vegans, I now completely understand and respect their decision to eliminate animal products. But, I – I cannot live without them. You know how you watch a show on the food network and they describe the food as if they were in love. They see food as it is – flavorful, wonderful, satisfying, exciting! They see food as something they absolutely love to consume. It’s a bit hard to describe, but that’s how I feel! I want warm chili on a cold fall night, I want a hot dog at a baseball game, I want french fries and a milk shake on a friday night. I want it all. But I am learning to be conscious of what I want and why I want it. Am I bored? Am and I emotional? Am I really hungry? And where did this food come from? How was it prepared? With learning to ask these questions, I can lean more vegetarian, more vegan … maybe more raw on some days. I didn’t think I would truly give up meat, or animal products, I guess – let’s be honest … but I am learning how to respect both worlds and invite vegan lifestyles to visit mine. I just want to be healthy and set good examples for my kids, and be able to stay on this earth long enough to see them grow up. Too many of us are letting our health go and it’s not ok.

Anyway … I apparently had some venting to do tonight! Feels good to get that out there. So, day 12 and I’m struggling. But that’s ok.

Breakfast – more watermelon juice, this time half a giant watermelon. So, pretty much the same amount as last time.

Lunch – Coconut juice … half a beet juiced … and 6 carrots juiced. d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g. Ugh! I don’t even know how to describe it. I’m not a huge coconut fan as I mentioned last week, but comparing it to other things on this diet I’m fine with it. But combining it with carrots and beet … ugh, too much! Thankfully it was only one cup. I gulped it down as fast as I could – but … the gag returned to haunt me. I gagged once. I thought I had escaped such behavior – but no. I’m still getting grossed out.

Dinner – Almond milk. Only this time I actually soaked the almonds for 24 hours and peeled them. Sam helped, and at one point asked me if this is what we were really doing with out Friday night. Yup!! Sure looks like it. :) Another week and were home free.

Avocado is back on the menu tomorrow – and I am ready! Bring.It.On!

Day 11

All I’ve eaten today is 1 banana, almond milk, a blackberry smoothie and 23 peanuts (or so,  totally guessing).  I’m actually not really hungry either! Its like an erie calm has set in on my stomach. I tried to do all liquids, but I’m too concerned with my milk supply. Bananas are high in calories, as well as the nuts. Plus I get all the healthy fats from the nuts. Dinner… probably more almond milk and some fruit. I actually haven’t lost any weight in 4 days. Maybe I’m eating TOO many nuts, pistachios in particular. They are like candy to Sam and I! So salty and crunchy, decadence!  Odd that my taste buds now consider that a treat.

I, surprisingly,  felt energetic today so I took the dog and and Cambria for a walk. Cambria always giggles at Kalila walking and sniffing around. Totally cute.

I’ve noticed my (chronic) headaches have decreased. Not in frequency, but pain level. I spent all of 2009 in and out of my neurologist’s office being medicated. Even did an outpatient IV treatment.  All to no avail. So its always been on my mind that maybe its a food allergy. I had high hopes they’d disappear during the cleanse, but they haven’t. They don’t hurt as much, but I still have them everyday. I guess a good measure of comparison roll be how I feel after the cleanse and the reintroduction of dairy and meat! I’m still craving lots of meat and Stir Crazy (Chinese) is high on our list of places to eat post cleanse. It cracks me up though because we would both get the market fresh stir fry (make it yourself)…with tons of veggies. But, Sam pointed out that its cooked and covered in sauce! Oooh, warm, cooked food how I miss you!

One more “liquid” day then back to purees, salads, and chopped fruit! I would like to say that my husband is doing amazing. He’s lost like 12 lbs and did the water fast as best he could today! *insert applause*

Tomorrow we have a coconut beet carrot juice concoction… hm.