This is my cookcabulary

Mobile blogging!? YES!

One post in 2 months – pathetic. I really miss the craft of making delicious treats to share with all of you. You start a blog and feel seriously compelled to update constantly! While I continue to cook (almost) daily for our dinners the baking has slowed in my household. Now that I am 6-1/2 months pregnant I just get too tired and ache-y standing in be kitchen. At least that is the excuse I am going with.

Whoa – I feel like Rev Run right now. Tapping away my inner thots on a phone…ha. Only I’m clothed and sitting outside – not a bubble bath.

Anyway I always thought mobile blogging HAD to exist but apparently I didn’t look hard enough. I logged on from my phone this morning and there in front of my fingernails was the Android app! Wahoo! So, lets see if it helps – I think it will. Except now I am getting a cramp in my left hand typing all this…guess I’ve got endurance to build up.

So as my first mobile post (and I apologize now for grammar and spelling via phone) I’m sharing my FAVORITE summer treat.

Strawberry shortcake
Take 1 cup Pamela’s pancake mix
1/4 cup shortening
1/3 cup + 1 tbsp milk
Combine shortening and mix wih fork until crumbly.
Add milk while stirring utility smooth and combined.
Use an ice cream scoop and place on greased baking sheet. Cook 12-15 minutes at 375 utility golden brown on top.

For the strawberries I just cut them into slices and add some sugar to get the sugars flowing. Sam enjoys the syrup on his shortcake so add a little extra for that. Let the berries sit a bit in the fridge before serving.

Layer it all together and put a giant dollop of cool whip on top!

Crud. I uploaded my pic directly on Facebook and didn’t save the pic to my phone! Oh well…



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