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Hello peeps! I know I haven’t been around as much as some of you would like, but being pregnant takes a lot of energy out of me! By Sunday afternoons (when I usually bake) I am just plain pooped! I have a couple of blogs I need upload and share with you guys, so I should be getting to those soon.

Since baby life is consuming our world now – I can tell you what we have been up to besides baking. 

  •  Last weekend we had a massive garage sale. I am nesting and want everything GONE! That was a lot of work to set up in itself!
  • Vacation is in 9 days! We’re headed to Cape Cod for fun in the sun! Well, I hope it’s sunny.  Were really going because two of our best friends are getting married and Sam and I are both in the wedding.  It’s so cute, they were in our wedding as well. So, since a baby is on the way, were making a vacation out of it and taking some work off
  • Weve been shopping for a crib and we found the perfect one! Wants to see? Its super hot! I cannot wait to see it in the nursery.
  • And, tomorrow we find out the gender of the baby! Woo! 

But anyway, my other hobby – aside from baking – is our garden! Sam and I have worked long and hard on our yard to help make it look and feel more quaint.  Last year we tried a veggie garden for the first time and it worked awesome. So this year I tried it again. Were growing green beans, corn and onions. Oh, and my neighbor just gave me some strawberries that I can’t wait to see turn out. So, since I am not baking, I thought I would share some of my master skillzz (ha!) with my green thumb. 

Today I went and got flowers for my two pots, one is for the deck that gets full sun, and the other is for the front of the house that is partial shade. Big difference ya know! Anyway, I got enough soil to plant the back yard pot, but not enough for the front – ahh, another day – another day. So, here are some pics! Enjoy!

And then here are my little corn and bean sprouts! I really hope the corn turn outs!!

Oh, and Kalila came out to play …

Dang she’s cute!

Here are some other pics of the next pot I need to do.  Apparently I was really diggin’ yellow this year.  I am also including some pictures of my clematis that is just about to bloom and some other flowers. Give my yard another month, and its going to be so colorful! I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted!!


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