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11 Layer Taco Dip

For those of you coming to our party on Sunday – get excited, b/c I am making this dip – again – for the Superbowl!

originally I had made this for one of my besties! Her birthday was other week and my other bestie and I headed up to Chicago to surprise her.  I have to admit, sitting in AJ’s car – camped out in the dark, spying on T’s apartment was awkwardly fun.  Especially when AJ ding-dong-ditched and about bit it running across the ice to hide. The surprise was a total hit, and somehow AJ and I MUST have been on the same wavelength, b/c she made enchiladas. I know – crazy! We both went mexican theme! That’s how I know we’re “wives”! Ha.  Anyway, not only was the two of us coming up a surprise to T, but the next night, the party her sister organized was even more of a surprise.  I am not kidding when I say Mr. Redfearn asked for my hand in marriage just b/c of this taco dip.

“Glad this is going over well.” I thought to myself.  Then I ate more than anyone in the room! Yea!

Anyway – let’s get to this dip! PS I had never made Taco Dip and just went to the store and got what sounded good. Here’s me ingredients – but absolutely create your own!!

  • refried beans

  • guacamole (store-bought or home-made) I chose store-bought for convenience.

  • then the taco seasoning and sour cream mix. Take 1/2 cup sour cream and mix in 1 package of taco seasoning.  Feel free to add more sour cream to dilute seasoning if you need to – but this ratio works well!

  • oh yea, time for the cheese!

  •  how about some black beans?

  • then add all the goodies on top!!

Oh what are the goodies you ask? Well, ga-rate questions.  We’ve got freshly chopped tomatoes, jalapeno, green onion and chopped olives.

Now let me reveal the secret to the success of this dish.

It sat overnight – twice!

Yea! I made it on a Thursday night, drove to Chicago on Friday night, then we ate it Saturday night. I will for sure make this the night before every time I make it! Allowing all those flavors to marry together – oh amazing. Especially the jalapeno.  You could taste their flavor even if you didn’t get a jalapeno in your bite! YUM – O!

Go on – make it for the superbowl … I know you want to.


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