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William Sonoma

I had a half day at the office and as soon as I finished getting my hair did, I made a bee-line for the mall! I received a gift card to William Sonoma from my stellar boss! In my anticipation, I had tried to go online earlier to pick out what I would purchase, and pre-plan my shopping trip, but once I got online I couldn’t decide! I figured I might as well go and just buy what I want as I saw it!

I walked into the store and was in pure awe with all the possibilities: a mandolin, mechanical frosting bag, mini tartlet cups, apple peeler, ahhh! How was a girl to choose?!  I circled that store about 3 times, asked 2 different clerks for recommendations on certain multiple items, and wound up with 4 fabulous finds.  One even on sale!

First, 11 individual fluted cutters – the possibilities are endless with these!

Next on the list, a sale item – appetizer trays! So cute! Perfect for entertaining. Or in my case, a lunch for two ;)

The next two were an exciting purchase.  A tart pan and whoopie pie pan – these are PERFECT for my secret creation I have been conjuring up. Hah! And, maybe I will try making some whoopie pies! They do look quite appetizing!

My life is so complete for the moment … also because I got this today as well.

Yellow nail polish. 

Ohh this is going to be a great weekend!


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