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Lovely decorations!

As I mentioned in my post last night, I borrowed my works’ camera and had a fun time playing with it around my house.  I took pictures of some of my fave decorations around the house.

This year I opted to do a simple themed tree. Silver and Purple! I even got a special new ornament this year.  The sequenced one matches the pink one I sent my bf out in Oregon.  :) We grew up as next door neighbors since we were 5 months old, and then moved to a new neighborhood together in 8th grade. We werent next door anymore, but I could walk there in probably 95 seconds! She’s so awesome and we’ve been exchanging presents over Christmas forever it seems! I love getting older and being able to buy different presents that are for different purposes for my friends … this will be a fun reminder every year we each decorate our tree.  No matter the distance, we’ll always be friends!

I also have a simple ornament for my and Sam’s first christmas as a married couple back in 2007 :)



Then, atop my fabulous Crate and Barrel cabinet sits my Department 56 – Krinkles collections! I just love these reindeer and all the other items Patience Brewster creates. They are so whimsical and simply adorable! It’s a long story, but she has since left Department 56 to design under her own name, and the Reindeer are now a collector’s item.  She still creates the Krinkle line, but the mold are a little different and it just isn’t the same! So, every christmas I try to hunt down the ones I don’t have! Its gets harder every year but I’ll get them all!


Sorry for the awkward lighting, I couldn’t get the settings right for this pic.

Check out my newest addition – Cupid!

Oh, and I love this pudgy little kitty on my Krinkles 12 Days of Christmas Tree

Then finally, the last place I decorate is the mantle.  Just some simple garland, our stocking hangers (I have 3 b/c designing in 3 works better than even numbers, really – it looks better) and my glass bead tree cones!

…yes that is a picture of me in my wedding dress. Haha, I have no shame.  I LOVE that photographer – Casalini is uhmazing! And this is the picture in Keystone mall. Sorry, just had to drop that in there – but im stoked he chose my picture to go along with the collection he’s currently showcasing. Actually, been showcasing. It’s been up since last December – I bet it’s swapped out for the new year.

Anyway, thats my house. And now its all in a box in the garage until next year … :(


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  1. * teammurray says:

    Yay! The photos we took look awesome matted and framed. You made my day.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      you made my day when you took them! i love those pictures!!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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