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Hawaii is Fantastic!

Aloha!! I am writing to you from sunny Waikiki Beach! Ok, not really – its  little overcast today, but I am still in Hawaii.

I’ve missed the blog – not baking for a while is making me sad, but I am pretty sure vacation helps me get over that fact very quickly.

My time here so far has been great!! Minus the mini moped accident … more on that later.  We got in Christmas Eve after 12 hours of flying and running around in the Houston airport.  The first leg was AWFUL! I thought I had eaten enough after I took my multi-vitamin, but apparently not.  I had the you.know.what.bag in my hand the last 30 minutes or so of the flight. It was excruciating.  But, I powered through it, got some food in  my belly and the flight to Honolulu, 8 straight hours, wasnt so bad!

I have to admit, being in the tropics for Christmas is weird, and surreal.  You kind of forget it.  Not many people here have Christmas decorations.  Except for the condo we’re staying in – there’s a giant tree and Christmas music playing in the lobby – so that helps.  But, in reality – does it really matter were you are on Christmas? Nope, my God goes everywhere with me! And as we opened our fun little stockings Christmas morning on the lanai, overlooking the ocean, we had a moment to reflect and remember whose birthday we’re really celebrating and the gift that came with it!  :)

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the moped in a minute …

Today is Tuesday, we have the rest of today 3 more full days and then a good chunck of Saturday before we leave.  Our pictures are tomorrow and I am super pumped.   Although I have developed a small food child in my abdomen so we’ll have to go run that off here in a minute. Ha!  I’ve accomplished laying one the beach every day except for yesterday, I’ve worked out twice (yay me!), saw sea turtles while snorkeling and other beautiful fish


They were so beautiful!! I have also eaten Shave Ice, tons of Dole Pineapple soft serve, and lots of french fries. The food has just been excellent! Even the shopping is great! Let me tell you a little Lex story …

A couple years ago I was at Saks and found a great pair of 7 jeans, ON SALE! I bought them and later that month ripped them unloading a TV from my brothers truck.  Note to self – don’t wear expensive jeans when you are moving around carrying heavy objects.  I don’t think I need to express how upset I was. Needless to say, they cannot be worn with out someone suspecting I am a street worker.  So, I have been waiting to find the perfect replacement.  And when our trip to Hawaii had been finalized, I KNEW that would be the moment in which I would purchase my new pair. *angelic music plays*.  Ah yes.  The shops here are amazing. Within walking distance there is a Tiffany’s, Bvlgari, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Burberry … and … 7 For All Mankind.  Not to mention a handful of others stores I would choose to go bankrupt in.

We were out shopping Sunday evening, and I knew just where to head.  As I walked into the store I made a bee line for the stack of denim.  I touched the jeans, feeling their soft fabric between my fingers.  I read the description tags, one by one, until I found “slim flare”.  I filed through the pile, searching for the perfect size, and there – among the beauty that is denim, sat my jeans.  I quickly tried them on, emitting glee and joy! Sam approved of the fit, and off to the counter I went. The clerk rang them up, 40% off, “hooray” I shouted! I handed the sales women my money, and she handed me my perfect jeans, tucked neatly in a small shopping bag.  I walked out of that store thrilled I had found my new favorite pair of jeans. 

Meanwhile, Sam was shaking his head at how much I had spent on the dang things, even on sale! But it didn’t matter … I had my jeans. Finally.

I might wear them in the pictures tomorrow … I think it’s only appropriate.

Ok, so the other activity I must get to, is the moped rental.  And if you mention this to me outside this blog, I will not speak of it . And I am not kidding. 

Don’t talk to me about it.  But you will probably see my scars at some point and wonder, so I will tell you now, once.

We rented mopeds and they had to be returned sunday.  Well, Sam and I decided to use the last hour and just tour around the island.  We had been gone a while and decided it was time to head back.  Sam had been out earlier fishing with Kimball and knew some back roads to take.  Well, to cut to the chase – we came to a big hill, stopped to check for traffic, and proceeded to make a right hand turn.  The hill was huge and I apparently gunned it, lost control, and toppled over. Ok more a less ran into a curb.  I tried to exit the moped before I fell over, but ended up scraping my hands pretty bad … and my toes, and my knee, and my hip, and my shoulder. I know! Stupid! Kimball asked how could I fall over on a moped and I just don’t know. But I am over mopeds.  I totally do not need to rent one ever again.  I will just go tandem with my husband. Ugh.

Anyway, back to bliss. The water it warm, the view is gorgeous, and the weather is to die for. I truly love vacationing in Hawaii, it never gets old!

 Hau’oli Makahiki Hou “Happy New Year”


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