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Candy Covered Pretzels

This year I opted for some more personal Christmas presents, and let’s be honest, more budget friendly.  Seeing as the only crafty thing I care to accomplish these days involves the kitchen – I knew I wanted to make and edible gift!

I headed off to JoAnn’s to find my inspiration. Lucky for me I started shopping weeks before Christmas and had found an overabundance of gifts to choose.  It all started with a rectangular tin.

Adorable right? And what was to go in this tin you might ask? Well, let me show you!

Oh yea! Now, I wont lie.  When I thought of the pretzel idea and saw this box, I was terrified! Look at how many different colors that Santa is made of! And he has pupils, PUPILS, people.

I saw the box, got scared, and ran away. But after circling the store about 4 times and not finding anything else – I realized this had to be it.  This was what I was going to buy and give as a gift – and it was going to be a challenge … but I was so ready. Bring it on little candy morsels,

So I get home, unpack everything, and set-up shop.

Turns out the process isn’t as easy as the concept (I did have a reason to justify my early stages of terror!). Buuuuut, after several hours of beginning this adventure and experiencing intense back pain … I think I got the hang of it.

Basically you melt the candy discs (which are vanilla in flavor) in the piping bags in the microwave at 50% power for about 30 seconds and then 15 second increments, massaging the candy until its smooth.  You then cut the tip of the baggy and pipe away.

The tricky part was getting color where I wanted it. At first I just used one color, but then got more and more comfortable. You fill the molds half way (tapping the molds to release any air bubbles), insert the pretzel rod, and then fill the rest of the mold.

Sounds simple, but it took a lot of patience, time, and steady hand movement! Ha.

I ended up puting a white paper towel under the molds so as to be able to see all the little crevices – I have light countertops, but you may not have this issue.

Another kicker – you have to keep the candy warm! Otherwise the piping gets really hard to do – literally. As it cools it hardens, obviously.  I am pretty sure my microwave hated me this day – I was using it about ever 7 minutes I bet!

Once I started the little present molds, I fell in love! I don’t know what it was about that little mold, but piping in the ribbon became such an enjoyable challenge for me! Here is a view from the inside:

When you are done with your little molds, put them in the fridge to chill.  And let them hang out in there for a while.  They really need to set.  I pulled some out too early and two things happened: First – they fell apart, which is heart breaking, and secondly – the chocolate doesn’t dry to it full potential – shiny! If you don’t let them sit long enough they come out looking kind of … weird.

So after a few trial and errors, I got the hang of it and I was on my way to some fun home-made Christmas gifts!

I then sorted one of each style that I had made, along with an adorable mini gingerbread man cookie cutter, into the tins and voila!

The lefts overs I then put into cute little baggies, arranged in a vase – and had sitting out at our Christmas Party.

So there you have it – not so terrifying after all. :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, I hope you all have a happy and blessed New Year!


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  1. * Jenn says:

    I finally broke into one of these tasty morsels on my drive up to Michigan last Friday.
    AMAAAAZING. Loved it.

    — Jenn.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      Thanks darlin!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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