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Bachelor Meal – Cheese and Meat?

…wrapped in a delicious quesadilla!

Since this is a Bach. meal, I will keep the post short and sweet.  I wouldn’t want to extend your already short attention span.

Sorry, that was rude.  But I know boys don’t want to listen to me babble about my cute cat and how the cheese smelled and what the flowers looked like and how I don’t feel like the red color of my couch matched the painting on the wall but theres nothing I can do about it b/c we arent buying new furniture until our next house …. whoa. See? Babble.

You men just want the fooood! So on with it.

I was making lunch last weekend, well actually Sam was first. He made himself a GF quesadilla and then I made mine and when I was done – I was like waitaminute! This could so be a bach meal! It took me literally 5 minutes to make!

So,  ingredients men:

1 quesadilla for a half serving, or 2 for full

lots of your favorite cheese

meat of choice (i used salami)


aaaaand, if youre feeling spicy … add some banana peppers, or onion, or bbq sauce, or moo-tard (that lex for mustard).

Spray hot skillet with Pam (this creates a nice brown crust) and lay tortilla wrap on skillet.  Then, layer your fillings making sure cheese is on top and bottom so there is something to adhere this man-meat-sandwich together.

Oh, one time I added an egg sunny side up to this – yum!

Just let it grill a few moments.

Cut into bite size treats, or devour whole – your preference.

I added some fruit and whole grain to my dish :) You may do with, or without…but what would your mother say if she knew you were only eating protein and nothing else? Get some fruit into the mix boys, food pyramid!!


 I love when you can see each layer of what your taste buds are about to experience.  Amps me up for the meal! Woo!

Enjoy my boys.


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