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Happy Halloween


Did you vote?! You should! I want to know what peeps are up with for Halloween 2K9! Were headed to a friend’s house after we wait for our neighbor girl to come over in her princess outfit! I think last year we had … 4 trick or treaters. FOUR! 

Ok, I just need to vent …

What happened to Halloween? Are people really that scared to take their children out into their own neighborhood in today’s world?!  I trick or treated from age 1-17. I am not kidding! We went every year.  The last 4-5 years we got a few “aren’t you too old to be out trick or treating”.

Um, no. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just MY neighborhood. Which, isnt FULL of children to begin with, but FOUR!? Really? And what about decorating.  Don’t people decorate their “stoops” anymore? Man, when we went out in our old neighborhood, back in the O-gon – there were some super awesome houses! Like the guy who would grab your hand if you took more than one piece of candy out of the bowl just sitting on the porch, or the garage-made scare house, or the creepers that would jump out form the bushes as you left. One year my mom had dry ice in a caldron, and blared the theme song of The Phantom’s Opera

Awesome right?! Oh man, it was loud and creepy!  Do people still do that? Because no one in my neighborhood does.  I do hope there is still some Halloween spirit out there.

And, in case you are wondering – I do have a cute little Halloween Ghost that hangs on my door for the holiday – thankyouverymuch.

I cant wait until we have kids and they are old enough that they can help make a scary house.  I can SO see Sam going all out …


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  1. * Stefanie says:

    I was at the Oregon/USC game!! :)

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