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More for less?

So remember that cookbook I bought last month – Brittles, Barks, and Bon-Bons? Well, turns out I didn’t want it anymore.  For some reason I just bought it without throughly looking through the recipes to make sure I would use it.  After looking through it for a month, nothing really intrigued me.  So, I took it back yesterday. With the cash I received back, I headed over to Borders to see what I could find there.  Well, guess what – JACKPOT! I got three books for the same price as the one I bought at William Sonoma, and I got a $5 off coupon! Woot!

Here are my fabulous findings!




The first book is a great little treat! Lots of cookies, but an assortment of other yummy delights! And, when I got home, I found a special chapter in the book full of Gluten-free treats! Score! I made one of them tonight, but thats another blog.

The second book is something that really caught my attention.  Basically, the premise of the book is to buy in bulk, cook for a week, 2 weeks, or even a month! You just store the pre-made/assembled dinners in the freezer. This isn’t a new concept to me, but I like that the book sorts it out into actual meals – she (the author) plans it out for you, but totally gives you the freedom to create your own dinner.  This will be good for Sam and me when we have busy weeks! If I don’t have food for Sam to make dinner – he turns to his trusty fork, leans against the counter – and east cottage cheese right out of the container.  Then he might follow up with a potatoe or a protein bar.  That is NOT  what I would call a well balanced meal – nope.  So, this will be good for him, he can just pop things in the oven when he doesn’t want to cook and I’m not home!

The third book is actually a replacement! I used ot have a crock pot book back in college. But somewhere between sorting my roomy’s stuff from mine and the 60 mile move – it totally got lost.  So, this should replace it! I made dinner out of this today, but again – thats another post.

I want to talk about Mexican soup! Yum-o!   (Sorry, I totally watched 30-minutes meals today with Rachel Ray)  I mean, de-lish! Wait … does she say that too? OK, this soup is FAB!

 The roomie I reference up above calls me every fall to get the recipe.  It’s just that good! In fact, it’s so good – it won 1st place and the chili cook off last year at Sam’s office.  I believe it was in the soup category or something – it’s not really a chili.  For as long as I can remember, my mom has made this soup around the holidays.  She’d simmer the delectable treat all evening, letting the aroma fill the kitchen, then set out a nice bar of sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips and any other condiments good enough to combine in to this amazing bowl of soup. Rather then make it when I get home in the evenings, I like to simmer it all day in a crock pot – that way, when I get home – I can immediately eat it! Ha.

This picture doesn’t do it justice …  and I didn’t take pictures during the process.  Probably because I got Italian Stewed tomatoes instead of Mexican Stewed tomatoes and made Sam go to the store to get the correct tomatoes! Totally distracts me when I don’t have the right ingredients!


…again, photo doesn’t do it justice. But we have som awesome flavor going on in that bowl! :) Yesss. Beef, green chilis, corn, olives, kidney beans – all soaking up a de-lish beef broth.  Oh yea!

If that got your taste buds going and you want the recipe – just email me @ and I maaaay give it to you in secret.  You see – I love to share a great recipe.  But, if they’re family recipes, I’d rather offer to make it for you then give you the recipe.  There’s something about keeping awesome tasting food within the family.  But, this is one I will share – just not by blasting it on the web.  :) Come on – deal with it!

Let’s see, up on the agenda tomorrow: I’ll blog about the crock-pot dinner I made, as well as the Carmel Corn Flake bars … at least I think that’s what they’re called.  Who knows, I may get REALLY crazy and make something else tomorrow too! Whoa.

Peace out.


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  1. * Brandon says:

    Are you related to Rachel Ray? Please post more recipes include either frozen pizzas or breakfast cereal.


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      nope, not related! and there’s no need “brandon” … for both of your requested meals you just read the box ;)

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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