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Lean Sexy Workout Update

So, if some of you have been following me for a bit, you know I’m on this crazy health kick right now.  I found this workout on called the The Lean Sexy Workout – no I did not make that name up. Well, last week wrapped up 3 months of what I am calling really hard work.  I didn’t get to post about it lats week, so I am today.

It all started, because in 62 days, I will be here:


That’s right – HAWAII! Honolulu to be exact. I am PUMPED! To back up a bit, before Sam and I got hitched back in the summer of ’06, I was living by myself and supporting myself. It was a great experience.  One of my favorite things was that I determined my own budget – ha! So, the girls at work introduced me to a personal trainer and I was hooked.  I saw him 2x a week for an entire year and he WHIPPED my muscles in to shape! I felt so great on my wedding day! I had never been and avid weight-trainer-lifter and the results spoke for themselves. 

Well, when you get married – finances change don’t they?  I think I finished out the sessions I had paid for and Sam and I agreed our money could be best suited somewhere else.  And, after a year of training, I HONESTLY thought I would just keep it up on my own.

Fail.  I probably didn’t touch a weight until I picked one up 3 months ago.

I had ended up getting a membership to Lifetime – actually I won a 3 month membership and then decided to stay.  But I would just do cardio, kickboxing, and yoga.  So, after about 2 years, I had lost all the muscle I had gained and was feeling a little less than happy about my body – strength wise.  I’d always go into these fits of fitness and think I was doing great and losing a couple l-b’s – but it never truly sufficed me.  It wasn’t until this summer that we decided to go to Hawaii for Christmas, that I got truly motivated!

Hello, beach, pictures, swimsuit! Yeah – motivation much?

Plus Sam was doing a really great job at the gym and I thought it would be fun for us to do together.  So, I sat down one Sunday night, surfed the web to read up on fitness and diet and found the perfect plan for me! I decided I would limit my carb intake, up my protein, and lift 4x’s per week – for 3 months. Oh – and this would take a while to explain, but last Christmas I was able to do some testing at my gym and know exactly how many calories I should be consuming, so this helped tremendously as well. I would also recommend investing in a scale – awesome for portion control.

And I have to admit – it’s really been a lifestyle change.  Now, I know a lot of people have a charge on the low carb thing. But I look at it totally different.  The first 2 weeks I was very limited on the intake, about 20-30 carbs per day. THIS WAS HARD! I love CARBS! Have you not figured that out from my blog? And my protein, I was trying to consume about 150 g. This is hard as well.  So, in order to make sure I tracked everything appropriately – I wrote everything down, and I mean everything.  I wrote the amount of calories, carbs, and proteins, every day – all day. Towards the end I had pretty much memorized my eating habits and nutritional value in foods so I eased up the writing but it was worth it – I was able to train myself. But I did allowe myself to eat crabs. We all know if you cut them out, once you go back to how you ate before, you’ll lost all the results you gained!

After 3 months of sweating it out with the crazy meatheads at the gym, passing on french fries, cookies, and sandwiches, slamming numerous protein shakes and home-made proteins bars – I got the results I wanted! (Don’t worry, I allowed NUMEROUS cheat days!) Like I said, I looked at the carb thing a little differently.  I found that I can consume a certain amount and it doesn’t affect my weight – I’d challenge you to cut back and see what happens, you might like it. :) So, 3 months later ….

BEFORE: I didn’t take a before picture – that’s embarrassing.

AFTER: Lean Sexy Workout

Ha, that face is because I felt like a fool taking my own picture of me flexing!

But before I continue, I need to say that this wasn’t about weight loss for me.  And I think that’s why it worked.  I’m a tall girl at 5-’11” and I love it! But it comes with a high number on the scale, and I have accepted that – there’s A LOT of me! So I did get a little flack/concern, from some people, that I didn’t need to lose weight. But – I knew weight would come off with this program (and really, what girl doesnt want to shed 10 l-b’s!) and I was ok with that.  I didn’t think I was fat, I just want to look hot in a swimsuit dangit! Ha. But what I really wanted was to be stronger.

My goals were to:

  • Gain Muscle
  • Understand what I was puting in my body
  • Change thought to “food is fuel”
  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Drop body fat%
  • Increase flexibility

And I am happy to announce, I’ve succeed and even surpassed them all!

Last weekend when I did my final weigh-in, my total weight loss was 12lbs, I gained some awesome muscle, I am the most flexible I have ever been (still want to increase it), lost about 7% of my body fat, and truly understand what I am puting in my body! I feel great! The motivation I had was so awesome, I have never felt like this.  And can I just say that I did this on my own?! I paid for a trainer for an entire year and didn’t get results like these.  If you TRULY want to change your body – get focused and just do it.  You do not have to pay for it! I am lucky in that I can ask my husband questions, and have the prior training.  I’d like to think I know what I’m doing – but there are some people who need guidance, otherwise they WILL hurt them selves lifting weight!

So, now what?  Well … good question! I have 62 days until Hawaii, so the training continues! Sam wrote me an 8 week program and I am pumped! I was getting bored of my previous lifting schedule, so now that I’ve changed it up, I’m ready.  The goal this time around? Simple – get chiseled! Haha. No really, I want washboard abs! :) And I want to decrease my body fat % just a little but more.

All in all, it was a long 3 months – and starting my blog right after didn’t help, but it was worth the work.

Speaking of … I need to figure out what I want to make this weekend still!




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  1. * Stefanie says:

    Kuddos friend! That is awesome…I have been in boot camp the past few weeks…love it!!!! We are training like MMA style…(Never wanna do a fight, but the training is awesome) I even got Pat’s butt in the gym! :) Anyways…you look awesome…keep up the good work!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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