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Bachelor Meals 101

I hate that I havent blogged in like 89 days, but – I have been super busy! My LP got married last weekend and being the MOH required a lot of duties.  As well as I had a few industry events to go to – all while getting my 40 hours in by Thursday and attend my once weekly dance class … and the gym! But, I am now back. Yes. 

Ok, so while at Katy’s wedding I was approached by one of my favorite male friends, Peter.  After we caught up for a moment, he was like, “Alexis, I really like your blog, but … it’s kind of hard for me.  I have a suggestion.  I was thinking you could do a section, that was more simple – and aim it towards a bachelor like me!”  I loved the idea, instantly.  It reminded me that this is a food blog, and I want to appeal to the masses.  Not the sugar.rush.craving.chocolate.obsessed.sweet.tooth-er (well, I do, but I don’t want to limit myself). So, I present my first meal on

Bachelor Meals 101!

Ha, I have to laugh.  This meal is so ridiculously easy I almost don’t want to post it. BUT – Peter wanted something quick and guy friendly.  So here it is.


Oh yea, cheese and pasta. Woop woop! Of course in my household, we eat GF pasta (LOOK ITS THE MYSTERY PASTA! YUM!) but feel free to substitute for just about any type of pasta, except spaghetti – I don’t think that would work too well.

Like I said, this recipe is easy (is has it on the box!) Peter, if you’re reading this – you HAVE to add the vegetables.  You can’t just have starch and cheese.  This is a lesson to all bachelors – eat your vegetables! 



If you dont, prepare for the wrath of Kimoni!


No, really …


Hahaha, OH MY GOSH! Doesn’t this crack you up?!  Look at the first one again … hilarious! This is actually me taking pictures of Kimoni while I held his treats in my hands. Come on, he has no wrath! Seriously! This is him obsessing over pea sized cat treats. Speaking of peas, eat them boys! Its good for you.

Anyway, back to bachelor food fun. So, we all can see what the steps are here.  Cook your pasta, drain. Then add back into the pot and stir in the Velveeta.  Now, I do have to be honest here.  I haven’t had velveeta in a long time.  A couple grocery trips ago I thought to myself, “Hmm, Velveeta, that looks good. *checking out nutritional label* Not too many carbs, and actually – not too bad on the calories. I think I’ll make a GF mac-n-cheese for Sam. I haven’t had this in forever, I bet its goooood.”

The reason I know this is a bachelor meal ………. is because it taste like one.

I still dont like Velveeta, I know why I haven’t had it in a while.

But, I know a lot of people who do, and assume most males with a growling stomach and a lack of patience for cooking will appreciate it.

So, then you’ve stirred in the Velveeta and your frozen veggies.  Then add like 1/4 tsp. of garlic salt and pepper and just let it all marinade and melt together. When I served it, I added some pepper jack cheese to the top – that gave it a little kick.


Oh, and that little roll – its GF as well! I found them in the freezer section, such a treat! I also found GF chicken fingers and our fave GF pizza dough (which now comes pre-assembled and ready for the oven)! Good day at Meijer.  *there’s that plug again!*

Ok, and while I was cooking this bachelor meal, I totally had some fun in the kitchen with Kimoni and his treats. Let us take a look.

He's mid air.

He's mid air.


"May I have another mommy?"

"May I have another mommy?"


Look, treat directly over cute mouser-mouth. We have this down to a "T"!

Look, treat directly over cute mouser-mouth. We have this down to a "T"!


Alright, time to go to sleep and ponder what I will be making this weekend.  I did make my “Blue Ribbon Mexican Soup” tonight.  It’s only called blue ribbon because Sam entered it in his Chili Cook-off contest at work last year … and WON! Holla. But, its 11:14 and I would like to go to bed. 

Kimoni and I bid you a good night. :) <3



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  1. * Peter says:

    Yes!! Lex- thanks for the recipe and also thank you for looking out after my health.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      You’re welcome Pete-ah!

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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