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What a weekend!

I have  a LOT to post about, so here is one of the many updates to come in the next 24 hours.

And I have to begin with the most important news:


I FOUND THE MYSTERY PASTA! I know, its amazing! I was so excited I bought 3 different boxes of it, 2 pastas and some “table crackers”. Woot! Oh, and guess where it was – right in front of my face at Meijer!! I <3 Meijer.  They should send some free coupons my way for all the plugs I give them! Anyway, yea – right in front of my face the whole time.   Apparently it’s the number one brand in Europe – it says so on the box.  And I can believe it.  They had more products, but I thought we would just start with these 3 beauties. I am so happy I found them – although I still don’t know who bought them the first time, not important.

Anyway, I bet you are wondering how the bachelorette party went, aren’t you. More importantly, you want to see the cake, don’t you? Ugh, FINE! Just keep an open mind, it’s all in good fun! :)

I was running out of time to bake a cake from scratch, my last 7 days have been somewhat hectic. So I decided to get some assistance with a pre-packaged cake mix, and frosting.  But lets start from the beginning. (Sorry Mom!!)


Meet .... the cake mold.
Meet …. the cake mold.


After I whipped up the cake mix, I poured it into two of these little “Peters”.  In the oven they went!  While they were baking away, I needed to make some flesh-colored food dye.  If you ever want the perfect skin tone color – here is the magic combination of food coloring:

  • 8 yellow
  • 6 red
  • 2 green

And here is what you get!


Don't you want to stick your finger in that bowl!?

Don't you want to stick your finger in that bowl!?

So after about 30-some minutes in the oven … SIDE STORY:

Since the cake molds weren’t your typical cake pan size, I had to improvise on time.  I started with 30 minutes, and when I checked on them – still total liquid.  So I put a few more minutes on the timer and half way through – I realized I had ONE hour to get ready. Yeah, I was cutting it THAT close! So, I grabbed my stop watch that I wear at the gym – set it for 10 minutes and hit the shower.  I had to be out before the oven timer hit zero, of we’d have some burnt peters on our hands (and i would be a hot mess for this bach. party)! Ok, this is a total challenge for me.  I’m that girl who takes 20 minute showers.  Save me the schpeal about saving water – I’ve heard it before….I LIKE long showers! So, as the cake was baking, I was watching that stop watch scrubbing, washing, and cleansing as fast as I could.  7.18 minutes later – I was clean.  IN RECORD TIME MIND YOU! I totally beat the oven.  Alexis – 1, Oven – 0

So I pulled the little guys out and took them out of the molds to cool while I got ready.  I find that sometimes this can be a dangerous move.  Depending on what you make, it could stick the pan because it hasnt cooled, or because it is so hot, it will break as you are removing it.  But i had no choice in this situation, I had to be out the door by 5:00 and these needed to be cool enough to ice.  Haha, get ready – keep that sense of humor at the fore front, because here is what came out of those molds!

Don't laught that I made it chocolate...

Don't laugh that I made it chocolate...

PLEASE DONT FLAG ME FOR INAPPROPIATE CONTENT! THIS IS A BACHELORETTE PARTY PEOPLE! Ha. It’s hysterical.  But wait, it needs icing – and sprinkles.  Sprinkles you ask?! Oh yes, sprinkles … brown sprinkles.



Ha, lovely. Just lovely Alexis.  Listen, it brought some great laughs, good memories – and it tasted awesome! That is all that matters. 

Thank you Cirilla’s (formerly Priscillas) for providing such a conversation piece.  Thank you Talbott Street for memories only those at Talbott Street can understand. And Greg’s.  Oh, Greg’s – thank you for making us ladies feel oh so beautiful. Haha. 




Baby shower is next! And after that, I’m attempting my first ever apple pie from scratch! Get excited!


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