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Baby Shower!

This last Saturday my co-workers and I threw a baby shower for our other co-worker Stephanie.  She is due Dec. 1 (I think it’s the 1st anyway) and we had such a fun time planning this event in the office, but with out her knowing.  Her sister is an awesome graphic designer out in S.C. and made the invites.  I am realizing now I should have taken a picture of it – they were fantastic, she is really talented!

Jenn (the sister) and I did a lot of the planning via FB.  We decided she and her mom would make the diaper cake and work on invites, while I organized all the food.  Since it was a co-worker, everyone split the tab and we all brought different items.  Since I live closest to the bakery, I thought Taylor’s would be on my list and then I would make another dish.  There’s 5 other co-workers that pitched in bringing flowers, fruit, punch, etc. – it was a great team effort.  Since my house is cute and tiny, I figured it would be best to have the actual shower at Jeryl, our boss’ house.  It’s great for parties!

I’ll post pictures of the spread, and the shower, but I thought I would share my side.  It’s super quick, like SUPER quick, and it originates from a Harry and David recipe.  All you need is cream cheese and your favorite Sweet N’ Hot Pepper Relish.


ooh, my pie is beeping – be right back, I have to go check on it!

ok im back, it looks good, but we will blog about that later!

If you remember my earlier blog about the Apple Store at Connor Praire last weekend, this relish will sound familiar to you – I got it there.  You can get this type of relish at any supermarket though – so just find one you like. 

All you have to do is combine the two ingredients in a bowl.  I use about 1 1/2 boxes of cream cheese, and I don’t use the low fat kinda either – we’re going for full-flavor here friends! It helps if the cream cheese is room temperature, and I use a spoon to mix everything.  The spoon works to break up and smoosh the cream cheese clumps. 

Now, just for experiment sake, I tried to mix the dip with my hand mixer, but it just wasn’t working out.  You want the cream cheese to be clumpy.  I suppose you could put it into a CuisinArt blender – I did think of that, but I like the chunks, to be honest – more flavor.  When you plate the dip, I like to serve it with Honey Pretzel sticks, the sweet is a nice touch with the spicy. But, you can pick whatever.


 Simple hu?

Here’s the rest of the spread/shower – and the cake!!


Well, that’s Larry – he was my “blog-head” photo! How were those wiener dog races Lar?! Ha!








Look at the boss lady go! That would be Jeryl. Thanks for letting us do this at your house again! I think we all had just the best time!

The activity we did was making onesies with fabric paint.  I bought onesies from size 0 month – 12 month, had some stencils, and we just had fun painting outfits for little Campbell!

Overall, great day, fab ladies – and wonderful fooooood!


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    Your blog looks superyummy. nice cake. Would like to have same on my birthday. Keep it up the good work.

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