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Apple Pie

I have officially been floggin one month (tomorrow) and today I am tied (As of 9:29) for my 2nd highest viewing day. Thanks guys! I wonder if you can set a new record by midnight?! :)

Did you notice I said flogging.  My husband came up with that.  Food Blogging = Flogging.  Thanks Sam!

Today I had the day off from work, and what better than to make a delicious and warm fall treat – Apple Pie! I decided to take the time and make my own recipe – my first ever!  I have made apple crisp a million times, and a few pies here and there, so I get the basics of it.  I did a little research, and with my 4 cook books I have here, I came up with my own version.  I’m sure somewhere in the world, someone has done the exact same thing as me, but for now, it’s Lex Original. Ha.


The differences I decided, were to eliminate the nutmeg, blagh, reduce the salt, up the flour, add butter – and for the crust, add sugar and use milk instead of water.  I also have a secret ingredient I added last minute to the filling – but I’m not going to tell you that. I have to keep some things for myself right!?

Most recipes say to cook anywhere from 375-450.  I decided 375 for 40 minutes (covered) and then it ended up being about 25 more minutes uncovered.  So, here was the process! :)

We start by making the crust (double crust)  I dont have a pasty blender, so my potato masher works just as well. I really don’t understand the difference, well I do – but I can’t justify buying a pastry blender right now. Anyway, here I am combining the dry ingredients with the lard! When you start to add the wet ingredients – BE CAREFUL! You CAN over mix causing the gluten process to go into hyper-drive making your dough tough and not fun. So, just don’t over-do it, theres no real set time to how long it will take – just become one with your fork and you will know when the time is right. :)


Next, we form the dough into a ball and divide into two for rolling out.  I opted to use my scale for exact measurement! :)


Roll those out on a slighting floured surface and go ahead and place the bottom crust in your 9″ pie pan.  It works really well to roll the dough onto your rolling pin, and unroll it into the pan. 

While that is sitting, start slicing those apples! This part takes forever and is no fun, unless someone is helping you with the pie.  Today, it was just me and Kimoni.  Well, Kalila (the dog) too, but that’s irrelevant. I like to use granny smith apples.  I don’t them raw, but think they are great for baking.  They are already tart, so no need to add lemon to this recipe.  There are other apples you can use, but do your research first, and if they aren’t tart – make sure to add that lemon juice!


For the filling, I just dump all the sugary-goodness directly on top of the slices and toss gently with my fingers.  Then, just toss it all into your pie pan and add those adorable little cubes of butter!


Next, apply your second layer of crust, off the pin – just like the bottom layer.  I’m am still working on the crust edges, that’s a talent I just haven’t mastered.  But use your thumb on one hand and the index finger and thumb on the other hand and push towards each other to make a triangle.  You want to make sure and include that bottom layer of crust or your pie top will separate.  Which really isnt a problem – it happened to me this time and it still tastes the same, right?!  Then, if youre feeling fancy, like I always am – I brushed the top with milk and sprinkled some sugar. Oh, and dont forget the slits for venting!


Cover the entire pie with tin foil, but cut/tear a large circle in the center so only the edges are protected.  This will keep them from browning too quickly.

When the pie is plump, bubbly, and golden – its done!


Heck yes I put it in the window – it cools faster so I can try it! And yes, I always think about the little children’s story about the black crows. Ha!

However, I did worry Kimoni would run off with a slice!


Look at this delicious piece of heaven, I LOVE apple pie!


 So there you have it.  Apple pie for a beautiful crisp fall day. 

Let me know how your turns out! :)


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  1. * Stefanie says:

    Speaking of apple crisp…will you email me that fabulous recipe of your moms…or if you have one of your own…send it my way! :)

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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