This is my cookcabulary


Do you like the title of my blog? Its boring hu? Yea, well – that’s the word I would use to describe my week.  Nothing too exciting has been happening – other than I feel lost and uncommitted when I don’t blog.  But its only been 4 days, I shouldn’t fret so much.

But what I AM fretting about it my “Peter” cake I need to make tomorrow for THE BEST BACHELORETTE PARTY EVER. Ha.  I’m not going to lie, I did google images tonight for inspiration.  Luckily I used the correct words and didn’t find anything revolting online, ha again. But, I do think some brown sprinkles will be on my list tomorrow for the grocery store. Oh man, we’ll see how this turns out.  I don’t know if I will post pictures of the final outcome.  I mean, I have this great wholesome blog going – and I really dont want to ruin it with a weird “Peter” cake.  Someone visiting my site might get the wrong impression. See, Im totally fretting! Ugh.

In other news – Kimoni is STILL cute!


I love this picture, because he is showing off his little “mouser-face”, as I call it. It’s so adorable! Currently he is snuggled on our chair in a perfect circle, like a snail shell, all spiraled together.  I’ve always thought the way cats roll into a perfect ball was fascinating, but thats just me.

Ok, then other quick thing I need to mention (yea, right – this wont be quick) is updates on my dance class.  Some of you may not know, but I enrolled in an Adult Hip-Hop class at the new Indianapolis Dance Academy.  It’s awesome.  I joined my good friend Bess, and her friend Jenn.  We’ve been having a blast.  I always come home after class and show Sam what I learned that night.  To which he asks, “Was that worth the $12 bucks you spent for an hours worth of class.”  I just look at him.  I don’t even neeeeed to answer, I mean look at my moves! I AM hip-hop.  Ok, buy seriously, we have a Holiday Showcase coming up in December.  I know! I am 25 and I have a dance recital. So lame. BUT – so fun at the same time.  I really have mixed emotions about the whole thing.  Mostly because I have to do a good job, because Sam will probably film the performance and if it’s not good – he will totally blast me to all our friends.  That can’t happen.  Were doing about 9o seconds of choreographed-awesomeness to Ciara’s – Get Up.  I actually love the dance, and want to do the performance.  I just worry I wont have it nailed by showtime.  So, lots of practice it is for me.  LOTS. 

Hold on, not finished with this story …

To top it off, I got an email from the IDA tonight, asking the Adult Hip-Hop class to join the Colt’s Cheerleaders in a big half time performance for the Colt’s game when we play the 49ers.  It’s a tribute to M. Jackson and we’d be doing thriller.  (My instructor is a Colts cheerleader) So, I guess the idea is, we dress up as zombies and attempt to look as good as the cheerleaders. Ha.  Thats a good one IDA.  Again, I’m down to do this, it sounds like an awesome experiance – I’m just worried I’ll look ridiculous!  I youtubed the video.  Lets take a trip down memory lane and assess the moves I need to perfect:


Wish me luck?

Ill be back later this weekend to blog about the bachelorette party AND baby shower – don’t you worry my friends! Until then!


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