This is my cookcabulary

I love fall!

What a great weekend! As we speak I am wearing a peel-off passion fruit face mask spa thing. My face smells awesome! I can’t wait to peel it off. It reminds me of the days when you would pour Elmer’s glue into your palm and wait for it to dry and peel if off.  But it was super suspenseful b/c you couldn’t let your teacher know you we’re using the glue for personal satisfaction. Ha. Only this face mask is much more adult, right?!

Tomorrow marks day one of week 11 of my Lean and Sexy Workout!


Ha-ha. This picture makes me laugh.  Like I am REALLY going to look like that?! Good grief lady, but it is good motivation.  But those of you who read my Facebook status know since I gave a pint of my own blood today I wasn’t allowed to work out.  I totally thought the nurse was bogus, I mean – I know she knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t know me and my gym habits – surely someone who lifts like I do can handle lifting after giving blood right?  Well, about an hour or so after getting home, I got up from the couch real fast (because Kimoni was licking the dish I had made tuna on) and as I was walking down the stairs, I saw stars and totally had to sit down to keep from fainting. Yea – the nurse was right. I did not go to the gym today, not even to swim! So, I will have to double up on weights tomorrow. But anyway, I have two weeks left – and I’m excited to gather all my results. I feel really great right now and am actually proud of myself, if I am allowed to say so. I’ve lost weight, and inches where I wanted – but also gained muscle and inches where I wanted.  I cant wait for my final weigh in!! I will have to do some research though and come up with another workout – Hawaii is still a long time away and I’m not about to quit now!

Guess what Im drinking RIGHT now ….

hot apple cider – mmmm. In a mug.  It’s glorious!

Sam and I took a trip to the Apple Store at Connor Prairie.  And I don’t mean the computer store.  We went 15 minutes before they were closing and it was a mad house.  But we managed to make it out with a satchel of Honey crisp apples, 2 gala apples, 2 caramel apples, sweet and spicy pepper salsa … annnnd an apple cider doughnut. Ha. Cheat day much!? The weird part was that as we were checking out a couple in front of us didn’t end up buying the apple crisp apples b/c apparently they cost more (shorter branch life on the tree).  So when we got up the lady to check out, she was like, “Now I need to tell you these apples are more expensive.” I smiled and told her that was fine.  She was like, ok, but theyre more money than all the other bags this size.  I smiled again and said, “I know, thats ok.”  She looked at me weird, and Sam chimed in that they’re more expensive at the store, so no reason we wouldn’t expect it here.  Even after that she was STILL hesitant to sell them to us.  Geeze lady, do you want our service or not?! Ha.  I cant wait to eat them with peanut butter tomorrow for my 2:00 snack!

Oh and guess what else I got to start my week of right tomorrow.


Yummy! I cant wait to try it.  I haven’t tried this brand, but I’m sorry – that horse looks cool.  Marketing totally worked on me. 

Going back to the Apple Store – I decided I am going to make an apple pie soon.  Maybe for Stephanie’s baby shower this weekend. We’re already getting a cake – but who doesn’t love pie as well? I will totally make it from scratch, but I am thinking I might even experiment and make my own recipe! Yikes right?! I’ve made my mom’s apple crisp a million times, so I figure I can just tweak that?  But before I make that pie – I have to make my inappropriate cake for Katy’s bachelorette party Friday. Oooh man, it’s innappropiate alright!

Time to go snuggle on the couch and watch some Desperate Housewives with my beau.



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