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Doughnut Mayhem!

I did it! I found time today to make donuts. Well, seeing its 11:24 at night and Im just starting my blogging (and just finished cleaning the kitchen!) I guess I found time tonight …

Sam and I had date night in the kitchen this evening, we made doughnuts galore.  I made real ones, and he made GF doughnuts (thanks to our friend Pamela). I also bought a new Candy Thermometer at William Sonoma today. Ahh bliss.  I love that store.  They had all their Halloween and autumn decor set up, I love it – I am so READY for fall.  I loved my visit so much I got suckered into buying these items

This can be used for SO much more than ice cream!

This can be used for SO much more than ice cream!

I love the color of these, and the little pour spout, they replaced my nasty clear white measuring spoons.

I love the color of these, and the little pour spout, they replaced my nasty clear white measuring spoons.

I also got a new candy cookbook – its perfect for the upcoming holidays and festivities. My plan is to just open the book at the first page and make every recipe clear to the end! Which reminds me, my mom and aunt used to get together every year and make their famous peanut brittle and other candies around Christmas (this was back in the Oregon days).  It was fun to watch them work together, stretching and pulling the candy to perfection.  Maybe mom and I can make candy together this year! Oh, and let’s just fly Aunt Patt out while were at it and give it a go in the kitchen! Ha, I love it. That would be a trio NOT to mess with in the kitchen!

So, after my mini shopping spree (and a few other stops to get all my ingredients), Sam and I began our date night!


That’s Sam working at the GF station.  Note the surprised look on his face, turns out he doesn’t want me to post pictures of him on my blog.  He must think I’m real famous and doesn’t want the exposure – ha!

Now, lets take a moment to look at my cute awesome apron.


And don’t worry, Kimoni stopped by to say hello.  In fact, he hung around the entire time – I caught him licking the butter and trying to drink the milk, twice.


Now I feel the need to mention that I did NOT think these doughnut would turn out.  I really didn’t.  Everything I saw online seemed to end in failure for the people making them or the use of commercial appliances aided in their success (I don’t have commerical grade appliances!!)  Surely there was no way I was going to get these perfect on the first try. But I am actually surprised – they LOOK marvelous.  I may have cooked a few of them a bit too long in the oil, but given the odds of how royally I could’ve screwed this up, I think I did well.  Check out Bakerella, its her website I got the recipe from. (Thanks Stephanie)

So, we start with stirring all the ingredients together in a bowl! I did it all by hand, and recommend this over a mixer.  Doughnuts are very tacky and a wooden spoon works great!


While the oil was warming up, I kept the dough in the fridge.


…and Sam and I shared a woodchuck (GF!)


After much flour sprinkling and rolling of the dough, we cut out the doughnut shapes!


Now drop ’em in the oil, but be CAREFUL!


and a few minutes later, weve got golden brown cakey yummy doughnuts!


Want to see the final product!?




Check out the cool cat in the background!


I bet you are all wondering where the doughnut holes are, aren’t you? Well, if you weren’t I’m telling you anyway! Like I would let them all go to waste! Say hello to Mr. Doughnut Holes with powdered sugar, and Mrs. Doughnut Holes with cinnamon and sugar.



Yup, doughnut mayhem. 

Oh, I suppose I should show you Sam’s doughnuts right? Have you figured out that since I havent talked about them really, that they may not have turned out right? Well … youre right. :( Poor guy, I feel bad for him.  But they actually tasted good – I just dont think the oil was at the right temperature yet …


I promise that is not fried chicken!

I cannot wait to see the look on Katy’s face when she sees the sea of doughnuts tomorrow! Oh man, don’t you wish you were coming? I bet Katy would totally let you come – if you bring a gift. Ha. Goodnight friends!


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  1. * ME says:

    I read it

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago
  2. * whatbesslikes says:


    I’m ubber impressed. That takes some dedication! You and I can start a candy making tradition! We both love Christmas so much it would be a blast. AND WE CAN HIP HOP DANCE WHILE WE WAIT FOR THINGS TO COOK.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago
    • * Alexis says:

      Thanks Bess! I agree – lets make some hip-hop candy this hoilday season!! :)

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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