This is my cookcabulary

mmm, donuts


Are you intrigued?


Don’t they look delicious?



Whoa, simma’ down Lex.

Tomorrow is Friday – no work, yippee! But, I have to clean house in order to appropriately prepare for a bridal shower I am throwing.  My dear sweet friend, life partner, favorite lady, bestie is getting married – and as the MOH, I’m going to show her a dang good time! :) “So what’s with the donuts Lex?” Oh, yes – the dooonutsss. Mmm. Katy loves them – a lot. Like, a …  l o t .  So, we are not having cake, we are having donuts. In fact,  I am going to make a donut cake. Mkay? Get pumped! I just wanted to post some pictures to get those taste buds salivating. 

Tomorrow, if I get the house clean and spend some time in the gym (3 weeks and 2 days until final weigh in – woo!) early enough, I am going to practice making donuts. Yup. I have a deep fryer and I am NOT afraid to use it. However, the plan is to absolutely buy donuts on Saturday morning as it seems like all the blogs I am reading about people making their own donuts start and end in failure. I can’t fail Katy – not with donuts. But I can at least practice tomorrow. Maybe – if I get the house clean and work out early enough. You see, I want to sleep in and watch SYTYCD and House, two premieres I havent seen yet.  I watched Grey’s tonight and totally bawled, yeesh.

Get excited, donut time.


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