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Happy Birthday

Today marks the 26th birthday of my dear sweet husband (love you)! At his request, I baked him a cake.  I had planned on making one from scratch, but while I was at the grocery store a couple weeks ago looky what I found


Yay Betty Crocker! How exciting! Not only do they have this particular cake, but they have a white cake, brownie mix, and cookie mix. Don’t worry – I WILL make all of them at some point.  I figured it had to be delicious since it had B.C.’s name on it – she has quite a well known reputation and surely she wouldn’t market a GF cake if it wasn’t delicious.  However, I do admit – I was a little bummed I wouldn’t be making a cake from scratch, but thats ok. For Sam’s sake I am open to trying any GF mixes – so he isn’t missing out on the miracle I call baking, of course. 

I had dance class last night so I wouldn’t be home until after.  Before I headed to the crump session, I called Sam to make sure he set the eggs and butter out, so they would be room temp. when I did get home. *I wanted to make it last night so it was ready on his actual birthday, and so he could take a slice to work :)* When I got home, I poured the ingredients together, whirred the mixer for about 2.5 minutes and put it in the oven.  1 hour and a whole can of Duncan Hines Coconut Pecan frosting (birthday boy request again) we’ve got birthday cake my friends



Even Kimoni wanted in on the cake action

Even Kimoni wanted in on the cake action

Let't get ourselves a slice ...

Let's get ourselves a slice ...

...and plate it!

...and plate it!

Ok, really Kimoni, you can't have the cake.

Ok, really Kimoni, you can't have the cake.

Good job Betty, two snaps for you.  This cake IS actually good.  It’s a little dense for my liking, but I think I can play with that next time, switch up the ingredients amount a little bit. But that flavor is pretty rich, just as it should be.  Either way, my husband is enjoying his second slice of the day…wait, nope – he just finished his second slice of the day. 

Happy Birthday hun!


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  1. * mattie says:

    German chocolate cake with coconut icing is the greatest cake on the planet. Especially when you mix it either with french vanilla icecream or cookies in cream.

    I’m jealous.

    p.s. happy birfday sam

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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