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Kitchen update!

While I was shopping for the ingredients to my previously posted Maple-Walnut cupcakes, I came across this fantastic rug that was on sale:


The picture doesn’t do it justice – but I just love the colors! It’s very vibrant and almost has a sparkle to it! But what really made me happy, is that the teal color in it matched perfect with my upstairs bathroom paint color


But, that bathroom is complete with a white and teal rug. I’ve been wanting to paint the kitchen and I had some of the fabulous paint left … so – I bought the rug as my inspiration and now look:


Faaaabulous! I just love it.  Now when I am cooking and baking I am THAT much happier in the kitchen.  This color truly makes me smile, and the rug just ties it all together so well! Sam and I had thought of staining the cabinets black and ripping off the wainscot, but – were scared if we rip the wainscot off it could potentially lead to disaster … so we havent decided to do that yet.  There’s only so much we want to do to this house based on its location and future buyers – we like to call it a “starter home”. In any event, I love that rug and SW 6222. *Thats designer talk for Sherwin Williams color Riverway* ha!


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