This is my cookcabulary

I made dinner too!

This is a classic Lex dinner. It’s so easy.  It’s a spin off a Rachel Ray recipe I tried a while back.  I started off with some EVOO in my pan and added some red onion and my own green bell peppers. (I grew them in the backyard, yea!) Then I took my chicken tenderloins, which I seasoned with some homemade Adobo seasoning, and cooked them a few minutes on each side. I just discovered this amazing Latin spice and I love it. If you dont want to make your own, Goya already did for you! After the chicken is cooked, I added some black beans and some hickory honey bbq sauce.  De-lish! I served Sam’s plate with some good ‘ol green beans and a baked potato, but since I’m watching the carbs, I just had a salad.


Yeah, that’s in my belly!

Well, I think I’ve posted enough tonight.  Time to spend some quality time with my man!


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